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"Is it just me or have you turned miraculously boring lately?" Jungkook asked, his brows raised.

The two Princes had been relaxing in the Palace gardens for the past few hours, enjoying the extremely warm day which had fallen over South Korea.

"As if you're the one who's talking," Yoongi snorted, shooting his brother a glare. "All you do is complain."

"At least I don't have a boyfriend who looks like he's suffering from a disease," Jungkook said, running his fingers through his horse's mane, a teasing smirk playing on the ends of his lips. "Seriously. You're disgusting, Yoongs."

"A disease?" the elder Prince asked, his tone laced with evident confusion, before he figured out what his younger brother was referring to; the marks he'd left all over Jimin's neck last night. "Oh. You mean the disease called 'Fuck off, I'm taken?"

Jungkook grimaced, shaking his head. Not forgetting to give his brother one more glare, the boy settled his foot against the stirrup of the horse, hoisting himself up onto its back. "Thankfully, I'll never be one to suffer from it," he retorted, watching as Yoongi pulled himself onto his own horse's rear.

"She's coming tomorrow, you know. I've heard loads of things about her," the elder murmured as the pair slowly made their way back to the palace, enjoying the warmth from the sun radiating onto their skin.

Spring was the best time in Korea. At least, it was according to Jungkook. The Prince refrained from remaining cooped up in the palace during these few sacred months, and often found himself strolling through the endless gardens surrounding the castle, as well as taking a few trips over to the town centre.

"You seem adamant on reminding me," he grumbled, tugging against the reigns in order to make his horse break out into a trot. "Like what?"

"I'm not saying anything yet. I'll savour onto the fact you may end up liking her. Who knows," Yoongi teased, although he knew very well his brother would not fall for the Princess. It was clear as day.

"Don't set me off," Jungkook said through gritted teeth, raising his brows at the blonde-haired boy next to him.

"Why don't you try something new, then?" Yoongi suggested, running his fingers through his hair. He glanced over at the sunset dipping into the horizon, letting a satisfied sigh slip past his lips. "I should come here with Jimin."

"Try something new?" Jungkook mumbled, waiting for his brother to continue. Strategically, he ignored his last comment, wanting anything but to hear his smitten brother ranting off about his own servant. "Something new.. as in?"


An obnoxious laugh filled up the air around him, as Jungkook shook his head at his brother's utter foolishness. "I can't believe I'm saying this but I reckon I'd rather marry the Princess than get with a man. Don't start assuming I'll turn into you. Men don't attract me."

"You're the one missing out, then," Yoongi shrugged, sliding off his horse once the two finally reached the gates of the palace. "Get some rest for tomorrow. You look like hell," his brother noted, as his eyes flickered over towards Jungkook's bedraggled appearance.

The younger only hummed in response, waiting for two servants to begin taking their horses back into the stables before the Prince strode off back into the palace, with Yoongi trailing behind him.

Reality was starting to sink in. The North Korean royals would be arriving tomorrow, leaving Jungkook absolutely no time to even attempt at convincing his Father to change his mind about inviting them, although it'd barely make a difference. The King was known to be a stubborn man.

"This is stupid," Jungkook thought, mentally cursing at his parents.

He loathed the fact he had absolutely no control over himself, and that he'd been given no choice about the situation. The possibility of him rejecting the Princess was impossible, since the Northern part of the country was extremely respected and powerful, hence why his refusal may easily trigger conflict between North and South.

Jungkook bid farewell to his brother once the two parted ways, as the Princes made their way into their own private chambers which happened to be on either side of the palace.

He knew that tonight would be the last night he'd have to himself. Come tomorrow, his Father would most likely announce the two were engaged days later and rush towards the wedding as soon as he could.

As Jungkook swung the door to his bedroom, he emitted a tired groan. For now, he wanted nothing more than a well-rested sleep. His mind was far too clogged up with the stresses imposed upon him about marriage, that the Prince was convinced another mention about the Princess would end up in him storming out of the palace and never returning again.

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