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The wind gently blows my hair back and the grass rubbed against my bare feet.

The sound of rushing water could be heard in the distance and the sun beamed down on me, but it wasn't too hot. It was the perfect weather.

Where am i? And how did i get here?

"Eleanor" a familiar soft but firm voice said from behind me. Rage boiled in my blood and i whipped around to face the lady who gave birth to me. She was no mother of mine, so therefore i would not call her that.

Her white eyes looked at me with happiness with a hint of pain, "i don't have much time, it took alot to convince the moon goddess to let me see you" she says giving a little chuckle.

"Why visit me and not jake? He is after all your child too" i scowl, i really didn't want to see her.

She gives me a bright smile and nods her head to the left. I narrow my eyes at her before turning to see what she was nodding at.

Jake emerges from the trees that surround us and looks at us with confused eyes, "why the hell am i dreaming of my sister?" He frowns.

I roll my eyes "as if i would want to be in your dream" i huff and jake mocks my words with a high pitched voice.

"My you have grown so much jake" the lady who gave birth to us, says. Jake whips his head at her and within a second is standing infront of me in a protective stance. I roll my eyes, as if she could hurt us in a dream like state.

"You are?" He snarls. "Your mother" she says proudly, her face instantly falls when jake snarls viciously.

"You are no mother of ours. This is all your fault, everything was your fault! You slept with our previous alpha when you know damn well you both had mates who loved you. Then you go and kill your twin brothers mate? What kinda sick person does that shit?! We grew up without a mother because of you. Dad had to play both roles because you were too selfish. HE WAS YOUR MATE FOR PETE SAKES!" Jake shouts and takes a deep breath to calm down.

The bitch who gave birth to us flinches at jakes words and her eyes start to water, "im so sorry. I know i was selfish, and for that the moon goddess has punished me. I know you guys hate me but i didn't come to argue, i came to see you guys one last time..until you pass away of course, which i hope isn't soon" she takes a deep breath and looks me in the eyes.

"Eleanor, my beautiful daughter, you've made your choice and i know it wasn't an easy choice to make. Don't worry about cole, he's happy and at peace. Don't hold back on king Ares, he is your mate now. Live your life to the fullest and don't let anything keep you down. You are strong and im proud at the woman you have become. Claim your title as queen, and rule happily with Ares. And Jake.." she takes her eyes off of me and directs her attention towards a seething jake.

"Protect your mate and protect your family and pack at all costs. Im so proud at what a wonderful man your father has taught you to be. Stay good, and never let anything knock you down either. Im afraid this will be the only time i get to see you in a long time. Just know i love you both and im very proud" her voice cracks and tears run down her cheek as she stares at us happily.

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