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Jeon Jungkook rose from his throne immediately, following the actions of his parents and elder brother. The four royals withheld expressions of friendliness as the North Korean family walked through the doors.

Jungkook's eyes darted between the strangers before settling upon the Princess. He couldn't deny the feeling of slight surprise settling in the pit of his stomach, as her beauty was undeniable. She had pale, white skin contrasting perfectly with her jet black hair, giving her an almost angelic look.

The Prince could feel his brother's stare piercing the left side of his face, although he maintained his focus upon the new faces, plastering a fake smile across his face. He'd been through the same ritual over and over again, since his father often brought new Princesses in every week or so.

"King Jeon," the Northern King greeted heartily, as the two rulers made their way towards each other, bringing one another into a firm hug.

The Queens repeated their husband's actions, as they murmured polite "hello's" towards each other. Jungkook proceeded to make his way towards the Princess, wearing a neutral expression. He appeared neither friendly, nor cold.

"I'm Jennie Kim," the girl spoke out first, bobbing her head slightly. Her eyes were transfixed onto the Prince as she scanned his facial features, taken aback by Jungkook's sheer attractiveness. Of course, she'd heard tales about how the two Princes of South Korea were extremely handsome, although she'd never quite understood the extent of their good looks until she found herself standing right in front of the youngest one.

The Prince on the other hand only managed to wear a curt smile, before clearing his throat dryly. "Jeon Jungkook. What a pleasure," he drawled out, failing to let her beauty affect him. He'd met with many pretty girls in the past, yet not one of them impressed him in the slightest.

Jennie Kim was no different to any Princess he'd previously encountered.

"I've heard a lot about you," Jennie admitted, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. However, this comment only earned a snort from Yoongi, who appeared behind Jungkook.

"Well, that can't have been positive, could it?" the elder Prince asked sarcastically, wearing an amused smirk across his face. "I'm Yoongi."

Jennie only hummed in response as Jungkook shot his brother a playful glare, thankful that he pulled him out of the conversation as quickly as he could. The last thing he wanted to do was begin talking with Jennie, as he found himself to be completely drained of energy. Besides, Jungkook had already planned on cutting himself off from her, until the chances of the two marrying were practically nonexistent.

Meanwhile, the Princess walked over towards her father, who beckoned her to him in order to meet King Jeon and his wife. This gave Jungkook the chance to observe who'd arrived with Jennie.

It was only now that Jungkook noticed the figure of a boy standing behind the King. He had bright orange hair and was dressed in an extremely luxurious outfit, signalling he would most likely be Jennie's brother. The robes he wore were far too fancy for a commoner to have.

Yoongi signalled the opportunity to drag Jungkook over towards the boy as the younger internally cursed his brother's outgoing personality trait.

"This is based on a presumptuous guess," Yoongi began, evidently studying the man standing before him. "You must be the Prince."

"Correct. I'm Hoseok," the boy chirped back in a rather happy tone, taking both Princes by surprise. At first, he seemed to be rather sullen, however judging by his introduction, both Jungkook and Yoongi guessed he'd be the exact opposite.

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