Chapter 17

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When Dylan met Jared it was their 2nd year of high school. He was waiting for someone, trying to sell the drugs he was supposed to sell yesterday. He was way behind, and boss never liked it when someone was behind. In fact, usually they'd end up missing the next day. However, because he's been loyal since middle school he wasn't taken out like the rest. Though it doesn't mean he won't be taken out like the others, if he doesn't get his shit together. It was hot as hell and standing behind the school, next to the dumpster, that smelled absolutely horrid didn't help anything his growing irritation.

"Um, excuse me." Dylan sucks his teeth and turns his attention to a boy that couldn't be over 5'2. With his baby-ish features being his big, round dark brown eyes, chubby face and slightly feminine statue Dylan wasn't even sure if the person was a boy.

"Yes, what is it." The person flinches at Dylan's harsh tone and begins to rub the long strands of hair between their fingers. "What are you doing back here." Dylan looks from side to side to see if anyone was there. No one. Where are they? "I said wh- I heard you," Dylan snaps, interrupting the annoyance in front of him. "It's none of your business." The person frowned, before smiling again. "My name's Jared," he says. "What's yours?" Dylan waits a few moments, before sighing and leans back against the wall. "Dylan."

Jared beams at finally getting a reply, causing Dylan to roll his eyes. Jard rocks himself on his heels and looks around. "So Dylan-" Dylan doesn't want to admit how good it felt to finally hear someone say his name without fear. "-what are you doing here?" Dylan hesitates, before saying, "I'm waiting for someone." Jared blinks, a surprised look on his face. Dylan doesn't really blame him, because he too is surprised. He didn't know why he told Jared, he just did.

"Who are you waiting for?" Dylan wondered the same thing. All he knows is that, his boss told him to wait here so he could take care of a client. They were supposed to show up an hour ago, and having Jared here could possibly scare off the person who Dylan's supposed to meet if they even decide to come. Just the thought of it, makes Dylan angry. "None of your fucking business," Dylan snaps. Jared doesn't cringe like he expects him to, and instead smiles and rocks on his heels again. "Well, instead of waiting for someone, why not come with me to get something to eat?" The question threw him off. He wanted to get something to eat. Like a date. What the fuck? Jared must have seen then the look on Dylan's face, because he blushed and waved his hands wildly saying, "No, I didn't mean it like that!" The look of absolute horror on Jared's face causing Dylan to laugh. Long and hard. It has been a awhile since he laughed like that, so when he stopped and saw Jared looking at him in delight he couldn't stop the next set of words that came from his mouth. "Sure, why not?" Jared's whole face lite up and he nodded quickly, before grabbing Dylan's hand and running off.

For the rest of the day Dylan spent his time with Jared and when he got home, Sebastian punched him in the face with tears streaming down his face. Dylan sat on the ground, confused. Sebastian than began yelling about how there was a shootout in the spot where Dylan was supposed to meet his bosses client. Dylan sat on the floor stunned. Had Jared not have been there, he would've been dead. A few weeks after the incident both Sebastian and Dylan wiped their hands clean of the gang and became best friends with Jared.

Remembering all that, Dylan decides that he's tired of all the lies. Turning his car around he goes on his phone and looks at the GPS that he placed on Jared's car as soon as Jared bought it. Looking at the route that Jared is taking, he realizes Jared's heading to Sebastian's house. Why? For the past two weeks Sebastian and Jared has been getting closer lately, or he's been getting farther away from them. He then takes a quicker route to Sebastian's house, and parks in a random trail in the woods, before going to a bush closet to the house and popping a swat. I can't believe I'm doing this, Dylan thinks. Maybe he's overexaggerating or overthinking. Maybe- His thoughts stop when Jared's car pulls up the driveway. The front slams open and an angry looking Sebastian walks onto the front porch. "What the hell Jared," Sebastian yelled. Jared gets out the car, rolling his eyes. "I had a meeting with Dylan," he says closing the car door. Sebastian huffs and crosses his arms over his chest. Jared chuckles and seductively sways his hips and he walks over to Sebastian. He's not... Jared is not trying to seduce Sebastian. Right? Jared walks over to Sebastian and wrap his arms around Sebastian's neck and pecks him on the cheek. Dylan freezes. "I promise next time I'll let you know, okay babe." Sebastian grunts and grabs the back of Jared's head and brings him into a deep kiss. The feelings that coursed through Dylan causes him to gasp. Sebastian and Jared jump apart and look around wildly. Slowly, Dylan rises from the bushes and Jared sees him and gasps. Sebastian looks over and his face turns to stone. "Holy shit."  

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