Chapter 18

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"Holy shit."

Sebastian immediately tenses, his face blank. There standing behind the bushes is Dylan and the blush that spreads across his cheeks makes Sebastian want to laugh, though the look of betrayal in his eyes makes the urge die. "Dylan...," Jared chokes out. Sebastian's heart skips. For a second he forgot Jared was there. "Um...." Sebastian can feel Jared's heart beating frantically against his chest.

He looks back at Dylan to see anger start to take its course throughout him and quickly dislodges from Jared. He opens the door and gives Dylan a nod. "Why don't you come in so we can have a little chat." Jared looks at him in shock, but he doesn't pay attention to him. He can't, because if he takes his eyes off Dylan for even a second, everything can go downhill. Jared goes inside and slowly Dylan follows. Sebastian makes sure he's last to enter.

Usually when the three get together, they sit on the couch and chill out, Jared and Dylan teaming up to convince Sebastian to make his basement into a mancave. They have yet to succeed.

This time however, only Jared sits down while opposite of him, pacing. Sebastian watches as Dylan's fists clench and unclench as if he's debating on whether or not to hit something. Or someone. He would be lying if he said it doesn't worry him.

Sebastian walks over to the couch and sits next to Jared not missing the way Dylan glares heatedly at them.

"Dylan- No," Dylan interrupts. "You shut up." For once Sebastian does as he's told. Even though Sebastian and Dylan grew up in the same house hold, Sebastian still doesn't know how to handle Dylan when he's angry. He's just so unpredictable and unstable and if Sebastian is being honest, it scares him.

"Jared you tell me," Dylan barks, causing Jared to flinch. "E-Explain what," Jared asks, stuttering. Dylan glares at him and begins to yank on his hair still pacing. "How it happened, when it happened. Everything." Jared becomes a whole 10 shades lighter.

"W-well I don't know when it happened, about a-a-a week ago-" Dylan glares down at Jared and Sebastian's worried Jared's going to faint. "- I-It started with a kiss a-and then escalated from there. We're sorry w- SHUT UP." Dylan's roar could be heard in the heavens. Silence fills the room and Sebastian begins wondering what he's gonna do.

The silence goes on for quite some time, and Dylan stops pacing and his shoulders droop. He goes to the arm chair on the right of Jared and Sebastian and heavily sits down. "Dylan I..." Jared trails off and Dylan snaps his head towards him. "Were you...were you going to tell me," he asks. Jared looks up in shock and Sebastian sighs in relief. He's not mad anymore, he's only upset and Sebastian can handle an upset Dylan.

He leans back now relaxed. "We weren't." This time Jared looks up at Sebastian in shock. "In fact, we were going to keep it a secret as long as we can." Dylan gives Sebastian a glare his eyes revealing the fact that he feels betrayed. Sebastian can't blame him. They did go out behind his back and lied straight to his face when he asked about it. If he were in Dylan's position Sebastian would've ended it all. That's the difference between Dylan and Sebastian. When Dylan's betrayed or deceived by someone close to him, he holds them tight not letting them betray him again while Sebastian will push them away and act like they never met.

Jared's breath increases and Sebastian finds himself worrying he's going to have a panic attack. However, he keeps his gaze on Dylan who is no longer standing and has made himself comfortable in an arm chair next to the couch. "So, you would go on seeing each other and continue lying to me." Dylan says it as a statement, as if it's a fact. Sebastian shrugs. Dylan sighs.

"Let me join." Emotion clogs Sebastian's throat and next to him Jared chokes.

"What." Jared speaks and for that Sebastian is grateful. Dylan looks at Jared as if he was special. "I want to join you," he says slowly as if talking to a child. Jared slowly shakes his head, shock still on his face.

"I-I don't understand." This time Sebastian said it. Dylan just smirks and Sebastian wonders if he passed out due to the level of shock that filled him when Dylan found them out, and now he's dreaming all this up. But a pinch to himself tells him that he is not dreaming.

Dylan then gets up and walks over to them, before seating himself in between Jared and Sebastian. Once he's settled he leans over and kisses Jared. Yeah, he's definitely not dreaming.  

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