Chapter 19

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When a person wakes up they're tired and don't want to get out of bed. Jared however, gets up slightly tired though it's quickly chased away by excitement for a new project for his company. He detangles himself from 4 pairs of limbs, before stumbling out of bed and into the shower.

In the shower, Jared can't help but think of that night, last week, when Dylan found out. Jared was horrified and thought he was going to die. He was so wrong, because instead of killing Jared, Dylan kissed him. Jared was shocked of course, but he also felt...relieved. He didn't think he could handle Dylan's rejection.

After the kiss things quickly escalated. They got into a heated make out section and before Jared knew it they were having multiple rounds of sex, though it all revolved around Jared. Jared knows it's because Sebastian and Dylan family and if he's being honest he loves all the attention. He loves the way they look at him, the way they touch him, the way they fuck him.

Just thinking about it has Jared shivering and his cock hardening. His hand slowly reaches down to touch himself, but he stops when the memory of him getting spanked the last time he touched himself flashes in his mind. Turns out both his cock and ass aren't his. He thought Sebastian was possessive, Dylan's a whole new level. His erection becomes painful and Jared sighs, before turning the shower to ice cold.   

When he's done with his shower, Jared quickly goes out and gets dressed, before looking at the time and realizes once again he's late. Tip toing to the bed and quickly kisses Dylan and Sebastian's cheek who are now cuddling their pillows. Jared holds in a chuckle as he tip toes out the room.

Going to work Jared is ecstatic. Not only is his fashion line is being put together ahead of schedule, but Jared's relationship with Dylan and Sebastian has gone to a level that he never knew existed. The sex is great, but the relationship they have between each other is beyond amazing. Jared thought he knew his men like the back of his hand, but when they got closer Jared picked up on some things. Dylan was very clingy and always had contact with him even it was as simple as brushing shoulders. Sebastian can't sleep more then only a couple hours at a time and when he wakes up it take a whole hour for him to go back to sleep. He also noticed some other things like the fact that they both wake up with morning wood.

Jared blushes as he begins to get hard, riding up the elevator. He tries to imagine something, like his grandmother naked, but it doesn't work, because it's quickly replaced with the feeling of their hands on his body. Caressing him, pinching him, thrusting inside him.

A violent shiver runs down and the elevator doors opens, revealing a shocked Justin. "Good morning," Jared squeaks. "G-Good morning Mr.Garonna it's a surprise to see you." Jared gets over his arousal and puts a hand on his chest as if he was offended. "And why is that," he asks and Justin's eyebrow twitches. Jared holds in the urge to laugh. "Don't act innocent Mr.I either come in late or not at all." Justin's face is slightly red from his mini rant and Jared bursts out laughing. "I'm just messing with you Justin, where's Jamie?" Jared looks around, but doesn't see her. Justin shrugs. "I don't know, I'll go get her," Justin says with a grimace. Jared smiles at Justin's dislike for Jamie.

"Okay, I'll be in my office," Jared announces. "Call me when you find her." Justin nods and runs off to go find Jamie. Jared goes to his office and see's the door open. Frowning, Jared slowly walks in and looks around. Nothing out of the ordinary. He makes his way to his desk and his frown deepens and he sees a manila folder tucked under a stack of papers. Carefully, he slips it from under the stack of papers and gently feels it up to see if it's a dangerous object. It slightly crumbles under his grip and deeming it safe Jared opens the manila folder and dump the contents on his desk.

Pictures spill across his desk and Jared's blood runs cold, his hands beginning to shake. The pictures, are all of intimate moments between him, Dylan and Sebastian.

"Who?" Jared's voice comes out in a shaky whisper.

"Who what, sir?"

Jared's hand jerks and the pi of papers spill, covering up the photos all the while making a mess.

"It's none of your business," Jared barks. "Why didn't you knock?" Jamie looks at him in confusion. "The door was open." Jared narrows his eyes and scans the innocent look on her face. He sighs, before running a still shaky hand through his hair.

"What are you doing here, and where have you been," Jared asks. "Justin has been looking for you." Jamie gestures to her hand and Jared realizes she's holding a tray full of coffees. "I went on a coffee run." Jared slowly nods and gets up, hobbling over and grabs the coffee, drinking it greedily wishing it was alcohol instead. He sighs. "Let's go fetch Justin and get the line ready for the show."


Jared might as well as not have gone to work today at all. The whole time he should've spent making reservation, trying to get the invites and making sure the garments were ready to be worn, and instead, he worried about the photos. Who took those? How did they take them? How many copies are there? Is it out in the media?

Just thinking about them being on the internet where everyone can see, causes his heart to sink and he begins to feel sick. Those photos are very intimate. Not only could it tear down everything all three of them worked for, but they would leave him feeling exposed, vulnerable.

He hasn't gone back into his office since Jamie interrupted him this morning, though he made sure that it was under locked and if anyone even went near his office, they would be questioned and released for whatever reason Jared can come up with.

"Why don't you do home," Justin says scrubbing a hand through his long locks. Jared nods, knowing he just gave Justin a whole nother workload, on top of the already large workload. He reminds himself to give them Justin a raise for all the shit he's put him through.

Getting up, Jared walks out the conference room and makes his way out the building. Getting into his car Jared sends a text message to both Sebastian and Dylan.



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