Chapter 20

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Dylan wakes up as soon as he feels Jared leave his and Sebastian's embrace. He doesn't open his eyes, instead listens to Jared make his way to the bathroom, before hearing the shower turn on.

He was just starting to fall back asleep, when the shower turns off and he hears Jared make his way back into the bedroom. Dylan can't help, but crack his eyelids open just in time to see Jared's naked butt toddle into the closet. He also can't help it when his cock begins to swell. He slyly watches as Jared gets dressed, quickly closing his eyes and 'sleepily' cuddles his pillow. Jared's chuckle warms his heart as it echoes through the otherwise silent room. Jared moves almost soundlessly out the room, closing the door behind him with a soft click.

Dylan waits a few moments, before getting out the bed himself, laughing when he sees Sebastian cuddling his pillow. He looks at the time and sees it's 7 o'clock, he's late. Quickly he jumps in and out the shower, brushing his teeth and getting dressed into the clothes he brought over since they practically live at each other's houses.

Deeming himself presentable, Dylan looks over to Sebastian who's slobbering all over his pillow, and remembers the times when he was younger and he slept in Sebastian's bed because of nightmares. He always had to bring his own pillow, because Sebastian's was slightly damp with drool.

Shaking his head, Dylan walks out the bedroom and down the stairs where he exits out the front door and gets into the car, going off to work.

Dylan doesn't like interviews, in fact he doesn't think any employer does. While, walking into the building and, being greeted by all his employees, Dylan feels dread grip at him. Its grip, gets tighter and tighter as he goes on the elevator and pressed the button that leads to his floor. He feels almost suffocated when he reaches his floor, though the bright smile on his face keeps the rest of the world oblivious.

"Sir, your first interview is ready in your office," Freddie –his temporary assistant- announces. Dylan nods and makes his way to his office, his smile becoming strained. When he opens the door and sees the woman, Dylan has to admit she is very pleasing to the eye. Scarlet red hair cascades down her back in luscious waves though they looked almost unnatural. She has dark green eyes that stare into your soul, it makes Dylan uncomfortable. He glances at her skin that's pasty white and wonders if she's ever been outside before. He makes his way over to his desk, sitting in front of her and looking at the worn-out file on his desk. With frozen hands, he opens the manilla folder and looks over the contents.

Scarlet Miranda Anderson is a 24 year old woman that's been bouncing from city to city and from job to job, never staying longer than a few months, though there are several recommendations from her previous bosses.

Sighing, he sets down the folder and looks over the woman, though avoids her eyes.

"Ms.Miranda, it seems you travel a lot," Dylan states causing Scarlet to nod. "Why should I hire you, when I know you're not going to stay long." Scarlet gives him a smile that makes his skin crawl and leans forward slightly, giving him a view of her ample cleavage.

"Mr.Reed, I'm confident that even though I won't be here long I can make my time here as pleasurable as possible," she says her voice low and seductive. Dylan doesn't miss her word choice, nor does he miss the message behind them. They spark his anger and he takes a deep breath, before handing her back her resume.

"Well Ms.Miranda, I'm going to have to decline on your offer," Dylan says, before pressing the button that lets his temporary assistant know he's done. Freddie opens the door and gives a strained smile to Scarlet. "Ma'am, thank you for your time, and have a nice day." He doesn't look her in the eyes either and Dylan knows it's not just him, Scarlet makes feel uncomfortable. Scarlet slowly gets up, resume in hand and leaves the room without saying goodbye.

"Sir, would you like me to bring in the next one?" Dylan pinches the bridge of his nose and nods. This is going to be a long day, he thinks.


He was right. The interviews after Scarlent went by just fine, but took way too long for his comfort. Thankfully though, Scarlet's interview was the only interview that made his skin crawl.

Dylan's about to have another interview to his dissatisfaction when his phone buzzes. Slowly, he takes out his phone and looks at the text.



Dylan re-reads the message, multiple times before his brain process what the letters on the screen mean. He jumps up from his chair, startling Freddie and makes his way out the door. "Have the rest of the interviews be scheduled to tomorrow," he says as he passes Freddie and heads to the elevator, where he presses the button to the garage.

It goes agonizingly slow and Dylan wishes that he took the stairs. Is he okay? No, the message means he obviously isn't. Why would he send that message? Another stupid question. He's just about bang his head on the elevators doors when they open and he stumbles out into the garage.

Regaining his balance, he quickly makes his way to his car and throws himself in, before starting the car and speeding out of the garage and onto the highway.  

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