Chapter 21

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When Sebastian wakes up he's alone and a hand he places on the cold side of the bed where Jared and Sebastian slept, tells him they left a long time ago. He realizes why, when he looks at the time on his phone and sees it's 10 in the morning. He was supposed to be at work 4 hours ago.

Sebastian shrugs as he gets up from the bed and goes to the bathroom where he does his daily routine. When he's done he gets dressed in the suit he brought over and puts it on, before strolling out the door and into his car. He puts the key into the ignition to start the car but when he turns the key the car doesn't start. He tries again and still the car doesn't start. He sighs and takes the key out the ignition, setting it down on the console.

He takes his phone out his pocket and calls a taxi.

"I need to get a new car," he mutters. Sebastian exits the car and goes back to the house and heads to the kitchen. Hungry, he opens the fridge and looks for food, finding...nothing. His car isn't starting and the fridge is empty. It's a sign, he thinks. A sign to stay home and chill out. He goes back upstairs, strips down to his underwear and goes downstairs, while calling take-out.

After he calls take-out, he calls a grocery store and orders enough food for a small orphanage. Once that's done he goes to the theater room that Jared was just dying to have and finds a good movie to put on: Red.

He gets halfway through the awesome, action packed movie, when the doorbell rings. Jumping up from his very comfortable seat on the couch he makes his way to the front door and opens it to see a delivery boy with Sebastian's Italian take-out. Just the thought of the delicious pasta, sends Sebastian's stomach rumbling. He quickly snatches the food from the delivery boy's hands and gives him a nod in thanks, before slamming the door in his face.

It took a moment for Sebastian to realize he answered the door in his underwear. He stands there a few moments in embarrassment before shrugging it off and goes back to his movie, clutching the fast food bag tightly. He doesn't want to drop it.

So that's how he spends the rest of his day, watching movies and eating fast food. Of course the groceries came- which he put away 15 minutes after- and the taxi came, which he had to send away, though not before paying extra first.

His day was full of pigging out and relaxing, before his phone buzzed and the mood in the room turned downhill.


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