Chapter 23

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Naked, and with only a sheet covering him is how Dylan wakes up. Not only that but his body is hanging halfway off the bed, a bottle of bourbon in his hand.

The bottle of bourbon was the reason for his head pounding with so much pain. Dylan knew that yet when he before he even opens his eyes he rolled over to his back and downs the rest of the bourbon that was left in the bottle. The pain in his head lessened and Dylan wanted more booze...but he didn't want to get up. He groans loudly before he yells, "Agatha." He had expected for the maid to appear at his door after a few moments with a, "yes sir." Instead a groan came from next to him and the emotions that was going through Dylan overwhelmed him.

Slowly, Dylan turns his head to the side and the sight of his head maid Agatha naked, lying next to him asleep caused Dylan to move at the speed of light. He jumps out the bed and watches as she shifts in the bed from his movements. His disgust fills him and he feels as if his skin is no longer his own.

"Agatha," Dylan roars. The maid jumps, before she emits a loud groan and rolls over so she was looking sleepily at Dylan. "Yes, Dylan," she asks, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. "Get. Out," Dylan say, deadly soft. Agatha gets up with the sheet wrapped around her and scrambles out the room.

Dylan runs to the shower and jumps in, not even bothering to wait until it was hot. He grabs his washcloth, drenches it with soap and scrubs his body like a madman, trying to get that woman's touch off his skin. How could he let this happen again? He was doing so well, and the worst part in all of this was that he couldn't remember a single thing last night. Did he even use a condom? That one thought causes Dylan's thoughts to go wild and over crowd his mind. He didn't even shower anymore. In fact his body didn't function at all. His self-destroying caused Dylan's legs to buckle him and hit his head against the shower door, achieving in knocking himself out.

For the second time that day Dylan wakes up with a pounding headache. He doesn't open his eyes as he doesn't want to see where he was, though the all too familiar beeping of a monitor already told him where he was. Dylan's body felt sluggish and he turned his head so it wasn't turned to the side, as it made his neck hurt, but when he did pain exploded in the back of his head.

Dylan groans and tries to lift his arm to see why his head was hurting so much. He couldn't however, because it caused him more pain. He figured it was a needle that was placed in his arm every time he made a visit to the hospital, the visits never having had been his choice, just like the one right now.

He doesn't want to open his eyes, but when he hears movement on either side of him and felt hands turning his head back to where it was before he woke up, he has no choice to open them. It's harder than he thought it was going to be as it felt as if his eyelids had been glued shut. He moans in irritation and forces his eyelids to open, closing them immediately when the lights in the room blind him.

"Oops," a voice cries. "Sorry." The voice is familiar and Dylan immediately recognizes that the voice belongs to Jared. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Sebastian is also in the room.

"Don't apologize," Sebastian says. "I was supposed to turn down the lights."

Dylan heard Jared sigh, aggravated.

"Then why didn't you?"

Dylan could almost see Jared put his hands on his hips and Sebastian rolling his eyes in reply.

"Because this jackass deserves to be blinded every time he gets himself into the hospital."

Dylan snorts and rolls his eyes with his eyes still closed. Usually it was Dylan's job to stay mean or crud things like that, and Sebastian's to scold or ignore him, but when Dylan is being stupid or does something stupid Sebastian acts like Dylan. It's a bad habit that developed as they grew up together.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now," Jared says.

Slowly, Dylan opens his eyes and was glad when the lights had dimmed down considerably. He sees Jared staring at him with red puffy eyes and frowns. Was he crying? A glance over to Sebastian shows him trying to be stoned face, but it isn't working as he's full on glaring at Dylan.

"Why-" Dylan voice cracks and he clears his throat before finishing his sentence. "-am I here?"

"You had an accident, where you hit your head," Jared explains. "Your maid called us, said you were drinking and..." He trails off, and the memories from that morning come back, slow and it pained him to know how much he was slipping. Back to his old self. He gives Sebastian another glace and sees that Sebastian can see it too.

Jared grabs Dylan's hand and can't stop his body from instantly relaxing. He shouldn't get so worked up about slipping into old habits, in fact it would just made him slip back to his old self faster. He needs to sit down and think about what's happening, before lord knows he doesn't want to slip back to his high school self where he drank excessively, did drug any moment he could and dragged Sebastian so deep into his mess that had almost had gotten Sebastian killed. Sebastian his brother and told Dylan that he didn't hold it against him, but Dylan did. He blamed himself for a lot of things.

A squeak of a chair pulled Dylan from his thoughts and he looks over at Jared who was fidgeting in his seat. "What's wrong Jared," Dylan croaks and winces at the pain in his throat. Jared offers him water.

"I- um what's going to happen about us." Silence. Sebastian tenses and I watch him for any signs that he wants their little orgy to continue. There's none. Dylan looks back at Jared and take a deep breath.

"We should just forget it ever happened," He whispers.

Jared becomes still and his face turns red and his fists clench at his sides.

"What do you mean forget everything that happened," Jared yells. "Are you that much of a asshole that you would stomp over the feelings and love that we shared."

Jared was so loud, Dylan was surprised that nobody had come in to check on them. Dylan opens his mouth to say something, but Jared beat him to it when he looks over at Sebastian and asks, "right Sebastian? Don't you think Dylan is being an asshole?"

Both Dylan and Jared look at Sebastian and Dylan is genuinely curious about what he's going to say.

"I think," Sebastian says slowly. "We should forget." And with those parting words Sebastian gets up and leaves the room. Dylan closes his eyes and hates that those words saddens him.

"But," Jared's voice cracks and Dylan doesn't have to know that Jared is crying.

"Dylan what about the memories," Jared pleads. "You can't forget about the memories of us making love, of us being together as one."

Dylan snaps his eyes open and jerks his head towards Jared. They stare at each other for a moment, before Dylan asks, "what memories."

The emotions that plays across Jared's face causes his heart to break and Jared sobbing as he storms out the room shatters it. Dylan knew that it was worth it though, that all the heart break and the awful emotions that tore him apart from the inside out, was worth it. Or at least that's what Dylan tells himself. 

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