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"We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of our alpha, alpha cole" Ares's voice boomed throughout the area.

Rain crashed down on us soaking our clothes and hair, but no one cared. All anyone cared about right now was the passing of cole.

Tears ran down my cheek mixing with the rain. A small part of me felt as if i shouldn't even be sad, sure he was my first mate but i didn't actually get to know him and the only memories i really have of him are him hurting me.

No one knew him personally, he had no close friends and his parents aren't around anymore. 

"He was a great Alpha and he cared for his people. Don't let his death go in vain, he risked his life to save everyone. He should and will always be remembered as a hero" Ares paused, his light blue eyes found mine "he's not gone, he's still alive in our memories and hearts" He looked away from me then back at the rest of the pack.

A lady broke into a sob and fell to her knees "my poor poor nephew" she cried out as a man dropped to his knees and hugged her to him.

It was shocking to hear her call him her nephew, i never knew he had an aunt in this pack then again i didn't know much  about  him.

"If anyone would like to share something, now's the time" Ares stepped away from the microphone and made his way towards me.

He gave me a sad smile and pulled me in for a hug, he rested his chin on my head "it's all alright" he whispered gently.

Ares's scent wrapped around me like a blanket, comforting me and calming my nerves. I layed my head on his chest and wrapped  my arms around his waist and said nothing. There was nothing to say, cause truth is it's not alright no matter how much we say it is.

It's my fault he's gone.

"H..hello" a feminine voice said into the microphone and i pulled away from Ares to see who the owner of the voice was.

It was a tall tan girl, she had shoulder length black hair, big brown eyes and a small pointy nose, thin lips, and a sharp jawline. All her features were sharp making  her look mean.

I've seen her before, she used to go on patrols with jake when we were still in the pack.

"My names Anna, and i was one of coles best fighters. Anyways that's not really important... Cole was an amazing alpha. He always put others Before him and really cared for his pack. It's such a shame he never found his mate, i think she would have really loved him. I mean who didn't love cole? Almost everyone did", Ares grabbed my hand and gently squeezed it.

My heart broke at her words and pained expression. As much as i wanted to wonder what it would have been like if cole accepted me, but i can't bring myself to think like that because Ares is now my mate. My wolf and heart yearned for him and all i felt for cole was as if he was just a friend to me.


The funeral had gone by quickly. Everyone had shared memories of their alpha, some good and some sad.

By the time it had gotten to the point where they were going to set his casket into the ground, i left. I couldn't bring myself to watch it.

Now im currently sitting on my old bed staring at the wall. I was mad at myself for letting him die. Was choosing ares the right choice? I guess i have no choice but to find out.

A soft knock came on my door and my father poked his head into my room, "hey kiddo. Can i come in? Too bad im coming in anyways" he said before even giving me the chance to reply and walked over to me with an envelope in his hand.

"How are you holding up?" He asks as he sits next to me on the bed. I sigh "better than i should be. Im angry at myself for not feeling deeply hurt that he's gone, all i can really feel is guilt. The bond i have with Ares grew and over powered Coles as soon as he died. Now all it feels like is that he was just a friend to me" i confessed.

My dad sighed "maybe that's a good thing. If you didn't have Ares and cole passed then you would have gone insane due to the amount of pain and lonliness you would have felt. I never did because i had you and your brother to live for, you on the other hand would've had nothing. In a way the mate bond between you and Ares saved you from going crazy" he says.

After a few minutes of sitting in silence my dad stands up and holds the envelope out to me "cole wanted me to give this to you incase he didnt make it back" he says.

I slowly grab the envelope and look at it skeptically. I wonder what it is.

"I'll come get you when it's time to leave. Ares wants to go back to the castle tonight, said something about the ceremony of you becoming queen is in two days" he mutters and walks out of my room.

To me it was a little fast to become queen but i had to do it, the pack can't function well without an alpha or luna and in order to combine the pack to Ares's i would need to be queen.

I opened the envelope that had "my beautiful  mate" written on the front.

I pulled out a folded piece of paper and began reading:

Dear Eleanor ,

It began..

If you are reading this then that means I've passed... tragic am i right? Im writing this to tell you how much you mean to me incase i never got the chance to tell you myself. Eleanor, the minute i found out you were my mate i was so beyond happy but i was also sad at the same time because i was afriad of you getting hurt so i believed that if i rejcted you it would protect you. Looks like that backfired badly, seeing is im writing this before im going to rescue you...

I was very proud of you when you became my beta, i loved that you were going to be a strong luna. Just what the pack needs. Then Ares came along and claimed you as his and seeing is i have all the luck in the world (sarcasm) he ended up being your second chance mate. I was soooo heart broken because after i rejected you i regreted it and was going to try and win you back no matter how long it took.

You are my sole purpose of living, everytime i was around you i felt as if all my problems washed away and i felt at peace and happy. I wonder what our kids would've looked like, i often thought about these things.

I wonder what type of wedding we would've had and what type of memories we would've made. Im sorry i was such an ass and that i hurt you. Seeing is that im dead your bond with Ares has probably grown and gotten stronger since ours ended the minute i died.

Live the life we could've had with Ares, be happy and don't hold back because life is too short. I may be gone but i promise that I'll always be there with you in spirit, and I'll be watching over you because no matter what you'll always be my mate to me.

I only wish you to be happy...

So for now, good bye Eleanor Rivera... be the strong woman you are and never let anyone push you down. You are going to be queen and be the best queen these werewolves have ever seen.

Until we meet again and don't forget me,

    Love Cole


Hope you enjoyed!!

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