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A few years later
Sophia's POV
I jumped into the ring letting my bare feet rub into the dirt. I tie my hair back into ponytail then take it back down knowing it'll snap when I shift.

"Why isn't Aria here today," Brody called from the other side. I rolled my eyes and shifted my weight from side to side.

"Yeah I'll let my 5 year old watch me get bloody and fight," I let out a scoff and roll my eyes with a slight smile.

"Yeah I've been waiting for this rematch for 5 years you better put up a good fight," he taunts. I laugh and push my hair out of my face. "Wait then why is Tala here she's only 9."

I look behind me and see Tala hiding behind a tree watching us closely. Her eyes widen as I make eye contact with her.

"Titus I thought you left her with Charlotte," I told him. He looked just as surprised as I did.

"I thought you left her with Charlotte," he said pointing at me. Jacob let out a laugh and I jump out of the training ground and walked over to Tala.

"I wanted to watch," she pouted. I roll my eyes and shake my head and pick her up.

"You can't watch this or you may get nightmares. Remember how you had nightmares when you saw Jacob coming back from training?" Her eyes widened and I stifled a chuckle.

"So do you want to go back to Charlotte now?" I ask her. She quickly nodded and I give her a small smile. I see Charlotte walking towards the training ground holding Aria in her arms.

I set Tala down and she runs over to Charlotte and latches onto her arm. I give her smile and walk over to them.

"Thank you so much for watching them," I thank her. Aria was sound asleep on her shoulder.

"It's really no problem but I think we should leave so you can get started," she said. I nodded and thanked her again then she left. I jumped back in the dirt.

The warriors gathered back around the training ground and let out a cheer.

"Alright today we're hosting a rematch between  Beta Brody and Luna Sophia. Watch their technique and form. You could be going against them in training tomorrow," Titus announces. I crack my knuckles and plant my feet into the ground.

"I'll be the referee of this rematch. Shift only when I say," he says standing on the side so he could see everything. I saw Brody standing with a smirk on his face.


He immediately charges at me making the first move. I side step him but he follows my actions and gives a blow to by stomach. I slide on the dirt and catch my breath again. He kneed my chest as I try to stand up. I grab his leg and kick him in his side. He quickly caught my leg and pinned me down on my back.

He swung his fist at my face and I just barely causing his fist in time. The impact caused my fist to hit mine. I let out a groan as he sends another blow to my side. I ran under him flipped him off my back and landed on him.

He lifted his legs and I fly over his head and onto the ground. He holds me by my neck and hold it to the ground.

"Shift," Titus says. I let out a playful growl and my wolf was eager to shift. She was ready to attack. She was the first to shift and I sat back and let her have control.

She latched onto his leg with her jaw the second she turned around. He let out a growl and tried to snap at her neck. She used her body and slammed it into his.

He kicked her off of him and she stumbled back but quickly balanced herself but he he was already at her again. She let out a growl as he jumped into the air. She followed his movements and jumped into the air.

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