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Jungkook stood on the side, watching everyone pile into the courtroom. The hall had been decorated with rich attire for the night as there were many rich royals arriving into the palace. King Jeon made it evidently clear to everyone his younger son would be marrying the Princess, hence why Kings and Queens from neighbouring kingdoms were also welcome to arrive to the ball.

"I didn't realise there'd be this many people," Yoongi mumbled into Jungkook's ear whilst the two lingered around the busy courtroom, occasionally bowing their heads politely at fellow royals whom made an attempt to greet the duo. "Jimin hasn't even come yet."

The younger hummed in response, running his fingers through his raven hair. They were dressed in smart suits for the night, which their father practically forced them to wear. Jungkook's earlier attempt at leaving the palace while the ball went on proved to be futile as King Jeon caught him sneaking out through the palace gates.

"Maybe Jennie's having doubts about this marriage too," the Prince said hopefully, as his eyes scanned across the courtroom once again, only to be met with a well-dressed people in various ball gowns and suits. In reality, Jungkook was searching for the familiar sight of the blue-haired boy, although he barely admitted it to himself.

"No, you moron. It's fashionable to arrive slightly later than everyone else. Don't get your hopes up," Yoongi warned condescendingly, wearing an extremely bored expression. "Seriously, though. Jimin said he'd be here on time. Where is he?"

"How am I meant to know?" Jungkook snapped back, his bad mood only growing worse after each passing second. "This is ridiculous. I feel physically sick that all of this is dedicated for me."

Yoongi remained silent, deciding that it was far better for him to listen to his brother than to add comments, which would probably annoy the younger even further. It was clear that the slight hope he had over the fact Jungkook may have possibly liked the Princess was proven to be false, since the Prince constantly shot angry remarks about how it was virtually impossible to marry someone as bland as Jennie.

"There he is," Yoongi perked up, noticing the familiar sight of the boy coming towards him. Visibly, the Prince's face lit up in glee as Jimin slowly moved towards him, not wanting to draw any attention to either of them.

Jungkook turned his head towards his own servant who made his way towards the Princes, before he stood next to his boyfriend, side glancing him subtly.

"Hi, baby," Yoongi murmured under his breath, his eyes darting over Jimin briefly. "You look beautiful."

"Shut up," Jungkook stated, a look of repulsion washing over his face. "You two are disgusting." However, this only earned a look of annoyance from his brother who patted Jungkook's shoulder sarcastically, feigning a tone of concern. After he whispered a small "good luck, brother" the two took off outside the ballroom, leaving Jungkook alone to his own thoughts.

Boredom was beginning to creep into every fibre of his body as he remained standing, waiting endlessly for Jennie. His Father ordered him to wait until she entered the room, hence why Jungkook had absolutely no choice but to obey. Nobody dared approach him either, as it was widely known how short-tempered the Prince was and the guests of the palace wanted nothing more than to avoid being the subject of Jungkook's endless torments which were sure to be fired their way if they opened their mouths in front of him.

Meanwhile, the Prince couldn't help but think of the servant boy once again. He reckoned Taehyung would most likely come to the ball, since Jennie was his mistress. Or at least, he hoped he would.

However, Jungkook was abruptly snapped from his train of thoughts by the sound of applause which filled up the courtroom, causing the male's gaze to wander off to the entrance of the immense room, only to be met with the sight of Jennie Kim. She wore a long and white ball gown, which complimented the crystal tiara placed upon her thick, black hair.
Jungkook was very much aware of how pretty she looked, although there was nothing else to it. She was attractive, but the Prince didn't feel intrigued in the slightest. In fact, he felt quite sick.

He caught the harsh glare his Father shot towards him from across the room, signalling that he was silently ordering Jungkook to ask her for a dance to which the Prince followed, feeling far too fatigued to bother arguing against him.

Pacing over towards her from across the courtroom, Jungkook narrowed his eyes at her whilst she politely curtseyed at him, bowing her head.

"Jeon Jungkook," she said quietly, wearing a small smile across her face. "You look.. handsome."

The Prince swallowed visibly, fighting the temptation to storm out of the courtroom that very second. He only managed to muster up a sharp nod before holding out his hand towards her.

"May I?" he asked dryly, although he refrained from waiting for a reply as he took her towards the centre of the courtroom, placing his hand upon her waist as she held his shoulder. He hoped that if he was blunt enough tonight, she'd realise Jungkook had absolutely no intentions of marrying her. The Prince knew that the only way of getting out the marriage was if Jennie withdrew, since he had absolutely no choice but to agree.

"So," she began, as the two of them began dancing to the slow beat of the music which was being played by the musicians up on the podium. "How are you?"

Jungkook almost laughed at her poor choice of the conversation starter. She seemed to be interested in him, which only made his task of pushing her away slightly harder.

"I'm fine."

Jennie hummed softly, occasionally smiling at the people who danced around them. She seemed to be extremely prim and proper, which only made her that bit more unattractive to Jungkook since he was the complete opposite.

"You don't seem excited," Jennie noted seconds later, as it was impossible to remain oblivious to the sour expression Jungkook wore on his face. She was very much aware of the rumours flying around the country about the Prince, although she was prepared to ignore them for the sake of her own ego. The Princess wasn't used to not getting her way, hence why she still believed she'd eventually win Jungkook over.

"Oh really? I can't imagine why," Jungkook said sarcastically, continuing to dance with her. He attempted to look absolutely anywhere other than her face, mostly due to the fact that he wished to make a bold statement towards his Father over the fact that he was prepared to remain adamant over not getting married to her.

"Well, why don't you tell me about yourself?" the girl tried again, trying to make conversation with the moody Prince.

In return, Jungkook only snorted. "I really don't think-" he began, mustering up a rude response, before he felt himself being cut off by the figure of a certain someone emerging at the door.

Immediately withdrawing his hand from Jennie, the Prince stared at the doorway of the courtroom, with his eyes fixated onto none other than Kim Taehyung. The servant was dressed in a blue suit which complimented his hair perfectly, giving him a flawless effect.

Meanwhile, Jungkook had his mouth slightly hung open in utter awe. He couldn't believe Taehyung looked as attractive as he did right now. Looking at him, no one could ever guess he was a mere servant. In fact, Taehyung looked like a Prince. The royal ceased his dancing with Jennie who immediately followed the direction of his eyes, noticing the way her future husband seemed to be gawking at her own servant boy.

"Excuse me," the Prince murmured, keeping his gaze fixed upon the blue-haired male. "I'll be back," he said impolitely, before Jungkook paced over towards Taehyung, wanting nothing more in that precise second than to take the boy for a dance.

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