Chapter twenty one

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It's now after school and I see the girls waiting for me by our motorbikes. I tell them I'm going to a cafe for a couple of hours for some alone time. They both nod but by looking at Kelsey's facial expression she doesn't believe and will probably ask me about it later. Ugh, why can she read me so well? Best friend problems.

I get on my motorbike and drive off to visit my father. I arrive at the house and all the memories I've kept at the back of my mind came flooding in. I close my eyes and take a deep breath opening the front door.

As soon as I enter I hear the tv. I walk into the living room and see my father on his knees watching the tv. I look at the tv screen and saw it was a video of my mother.

I slowly walk up to him and my father turns around. He looks at me with disbelief and I see tears falling from his eyes.

He turns back towards the tv. "I did love her you know, I still do. I know you think I killed her but I didn't."

What? I saw my mother dying in his arms while he was holding a knife. He can't tell me he didn't kill her and everything I witnessed was all a lie.

"I know you probably don't believe me, but it's true. Your mother was the love of my life and I wouldn't do anything to hurt her." He says as another tear slips from his eyes.

"Your mother got herself in a dangerous situation. She wanted out but they wouldn't allow her, so when your mother tried to leave they came to our home the same night and killed her right in front of me. They stabbed her." From that moment my father broke down into tears. I've never seen him this damaged and vulnerable before.

I kneeled down next to him and hugged him as he cried on to my shoulder and I didn't realise that I was crying along with him.

My mother was light of the house. Just her smile would make the room light up.

"I'm sorry" he said in a small whisper.

I pulled away from him and looked him straight in his eyes too see if it was a trick, but everything he just said was true.

"I know you won't be able to forgive me after everything I've done, but I'm truly sorry"

"Why?" Was all I was able to say.

"Why what?" My father asked looking down on to his lap and by the sound of his voice he was also shocked that I spoke but chose not to question it.

"Why hurt me?" I said and sounded just as broken as him.

"Because after your mother died, I went to the police and they did nothing to find your mother's killers and I was so set on wanting revenge, my anger took over and I ended up taking out my anger on you. I know what your thinking and your right. I'm ashamed and sorry for what I did to you and I also know it won't change a thing, but I just wanted to tell you."

"I need time to think" and with that I got up and before I waked through the door I hear my father say, "you look like her you know".

As soon as I walked out I broke down into tears.

After what felt like hours but was only minutes I wipe my tears away and get into my motorbike making my way to the cafe. I need someone to talk to and the first person that came to my head was Daniel...

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