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Jungkook's head was clouded. He felt as if he was suffocating under all the pressures everyone was putting on him, as well as the stress he felt about Taehyung.

It was the morning after the ball, and the Prince stared up at his bedroom ceiling, his mind foggy with thoughts circulating around his brain. He didn't quite know what overcame him last night. After seeing the servant boy standing alone by the entrance of the ballroom, Jungkook felt as if he had no other choice but to approach him.

He looked so endearing.

However, the Prince was also extremely confused. He didn't understand why he was feeling like this towards a boy. Each time he asked himself whether he believed Taehyung to be attractive, Jungkook found himself at loss with words; unable to agree with the statement in fear of allowing himself to be subjected to a man, since homosexuality was extremely forbidden in Korea, yet he couldn't deny the question in his head as something inside him was screaming at him to accept the fact that Kim Taehyung was indeed the most attractive individual he'd ever met in his life.

The image of the servant plagued his head once again. The sight of Taehyung in the white robes he'd been wearing yesterday evening couldn't seem to be erased from Jungkook's mind. The Prince hadn't even spared Jennie a second glance, since all he'd been able to focus on was her servant and nothing else.

Jungkook knew what he had to do, however. He remembered how his own brother was in his shoes many years back, feeling extremely confused ever since he'd laid eyes on Park Jimin. Yoongi sought for advice from Jungkook, to which his brother was immediate to advise him to follow his heart, so what was different now?

Dragging himself out of bed, Jungkook stripped himself from his nightwear and pulled new, fresh clothes over his body, briefly glancing at himself in the mirror. His tousled black strands of hair fell below his eyes, reminding the Prince that he was in desperate need of a haircut, however that was the last thing he was worrying about that very second.

He needed to find Yoongi.

The Prince stumbled over towards his bedroom door, swinging it open before he made his way through the palace and over to his brother's chambers. He doubted Yoongi would be awake at 9am, since the elder had developed a habit of sleeping in until late noon.

Upon arriving at his door, Jungkook banged his fist against the wooden frame, waiting a few seconds for Yoongi's response, although when he was met with complete silence the Prince only pushed the door open, rolling his eyes at the sight of his brother's frame buried underneath the covers.

"Yoongs? Get up. I need to talk to you," the younger spoke out loudly, walking over towards the curtains which he pushed aside, letting the sunlight beam into the dimly-lit room. This earned a groan of sheer annoyance from Yoongi, who glared at the boy; evidently still half-asleep.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked angrily, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. "It's so early, Kook. Go away," the eldest Prince grumbled, immediately turning his face away from the bright light.

"I can't. I need your help," Jungkook mumbled softly, his tone immediately changing. This didn't go unnoticed by Yoongi, who sat up in bed, his brow raised as he looked over at his brother.

"You what?" he said warily, unable to feel anything but slight shock at Jungkook's words since the younger Prince barely ever asked for help from Yoongi. He was known to be extremely stubborn and refrained from asking favours to benefit him, hence why Yoongi's automatic response was to doubt his brother was being genuine or not.

"I need help, Yoongi. Is that difficult to ask?" he asked through gritted teeth, despising the vulnerable state he was showcasing to his brother, although the change of expression his brother underwent that very second signalled to him that he could proceed with pouring his heart out to the elder.

"I'm sorry, Jungkook-ah. Sit here," Yoongi said, patting the edge of his bed, to which his brother complied with. The elder boy wore a sympathetic expression as he silently prompted his brother to continue.

"Well," Jungkook began, taking a deep breath. "It's about Taehyung. Jennie's servant boy. Remember him?"

Yoongi paused for a minute, evidently confused, before he quickly realised whom his brother was referring to. "Oh, yeah. The boy who embarrassed himself two days ago?"

Jungkook nodded. "Yeah. Did you hear what happened last night? At the ball?"

Yoongi shook his head, leaning against his pillows comfortably. "No. I skipped the entire event with Jimin. It wasn't my scene, brother."

"I danced with him," the Prince stated simply, carefully watching Yoongi's reaction, which started off with a look of pure shock, to confusion and then finally to understanding. "I left Jennie to dance with him. And I have to idea why I did, but I couldn't help it and-"

Yoongi quickly cut him off, placing his hand against his brother's shoulder comfortingly. "I know, Kook. I know how you feel," he responded gently, an empathetic smile on his face. "You don't have you explain yourself. Remember how I was two years ago with Jimine? Hm?"

Jungkook nodded, his mind going back to the first time his brother confessed his feelings towards the servant boy.

"I love him, Jungkook. There's nothing more to it. I really do," Yoongi confessed to his brother as he held Jimin's hand tightly, rubbing comforting circles against his palm.

Jungkook stared at them in disbelief. He had suspicions of the two, since he'd occasionally seen them spending time together during the late hours of evening, however he didn't think much of it, simply brushing off the idea that his own brother would go as low as to involve himself with a servant.

"I don't know what to say to you," the younger replied, his eyes lingering onto their intertwined fingers. "What are you thinking, Yoongi?"

The elder shook his head, taking a step towards his brother. "Remember this, Jungkook. When you know, you know."

It hadn't made sense back then; and it still didn't. Jungkook didn't understand what he was even feeling. He couldn't declare he loved Taehyung, since he barely knew the boy as it was. He'd spoken to him only twice, however those two moments had proven to be one of the only conversations Jungkook found himself wanting to even be apart of.

"I don't like boys, hyung. I've never been attracted towards them," the younger said defiantly, erasing the image of Taehyung from his minds for a few seconds.

"That's what I felt, until I saw Jimin. It all changed. You just need to accept the fact that some people change you, Kook. Don't push it away."

The Prince stared down at his hands resting on his lap, feeling even more conflicted than before. His mind was absolutely everywhere. Not only was the issue revolving around the reality that Jungkook may indeed be attracted towards men, it was the fact that he was subjecting himself to love.

Love wasn't ever meant to be for him. He'd always pushed the chances of him allowing himself to care so deeply for someone, that you wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice anything for them as he loathed the possibility of making himself weak, due to one person who had complete control over you.

Jungkook wouldn't let them happen to himself.

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