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There are not a lot of good Tribrid books I have found on Wattpad. (If you know any ones dm me) so I want to try this. This prologue is going to be information on Nicolette and her backstory. And how I'm going to write this book. No spoilers in this chapter but I recommend you read this.

This is the second book of the "Mate" series. There are two books so far. Each one is a stand-alone so this book won't be related to the first book! You can read this one by itself then read the first!

Nicolette was born 1336. She is 683 years old and an orphan. Her father is a hybrid between a werewolf and a vampire. His mate is her mother who is a pure-blood witch. So which makes Nicolette a half witch and the other half is a mix of vampire and werewolf. She like to be called Nicole.

When I say Canines, I'm referring to werewolves and when I say to fangs, I'm referring to vampires.

> Were&Vamp Orange
> Vamp&Witch Purple
                                      > Were&Witch Green

When Nicolette brings out all three, her eyes will be Silver.

Werewolves are in packs.

Witches and Vampires are both in covens so you'll have to read around the word to figure out which one I'm talking about.

She has a wolf she can shift.
Witches has two types of ways they can do spells. Harder spells require saying them out loud. Sometimes simple spells you can just flick your arm.

Her powers are all heightened.



Heightened senses
Drinks from blood bags

When you bring two of her sides out.

That's the basics of the story.


I have another finished book called His Rejected Luna go check it out if you haven't yet!

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