Thank You Robin

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A/n: posting this now bc I wont be able to on Monday

When you woke up, you felt panicked. You looked at your alarm clock and realized that you slept in. You were going to be late for work and Steve was going to give you shit for it.

"Shit!" You hurriedly put on your uniform, you actually didn't mind it honestly. You thought it was cute and it made Steve look even cuter. You brushed your hair and teeth and literally ran out the door. You were speeding the entire drive to the mall.

"Well look who decided to show up."

"Save it Steve."

"Why were you late this time?" You were usually on time but, you had been late 3 times. Robin always covered for you until you got there.

"Wouldn't you like to know"

"Wouldn't you like to know" Steve said in a mocking tone.
You went to the back room to find Robin.

"Oh my God, thank you! I'm so sorry I'm late, my stupid alarm didn't go off and my mom wasn't even home to wake me up."

"Y/N, it's fine. How many times do I have to tell you that I don't care if you show up late?" You gave her a quick hug and went out front to see Steve trying to flirt with some girl.

"Hey Robin, I'd add another tally to the 'you suck' side." Robin smirked and add another tally. You went back out front to help Steve scoop ice cream. You saw Dustin Henderson and Will Byers walk in, apparently Dustin had a crush on you, that's what Will had told you, you thought it was cute. You went to the register and you saw Dustin's eyes light up.

"Hey boys, what can I get you today?" Dustin tried to talk but, he became a stuttering mess so, Will decided to order for him. You scooped up their ice cream and yelled for Steve. When Steve came out, you handed the boys their ice cream and went in the back to talk to Robin.

"What were you and Steve talking about?"

"His giant crush on you" you scoffed, there was no way that Steve had a crush on you.

"Yeah right."

"Think about it, he's always looking out for you, he gets mad when make customers flirt with you, he told me today that he puts on this fancy cologne for you." While she was telling you this, you were starting to piece everything together. It did kinda make sense.

"I know you like him too, I see that look in your eyes when he walks in, or how you blush when you guys accidentally touch hands. To me it's pretty obvious but, you guys are oblivious to it." She shrugged and went out front to help a customer.

You decided to test out what Robin had said. When Steve was done talking to Dustin and Will he went into the back room and sat in there with you.

"Hey Steve, your cologne smells really good." Steve's cheeks turned pink, and a smile was plastered on his face.

"Oh. Uh.. thanks Y/N. It's Calvin Klein."

"Oh well it smells good, you smell good."

Learning about Steve's crush on you gave you a new found confidence. You wanted to see how far you could go when it came to teasing him. Throughout the week, you tried your best to make him feel flustered, which apparently was working because Robin had told you that Steve would tell her about how he looked like an idiot in front of you.

You would tell him that his hair got messed up and then you would fix it for him. You would "accidentally" touch his hand while scooping ice cream. If you could feel him staring at you, you would wink at him. You did little stuff like this more and more.

You and Steve were the only ones working today. Robin was super sick and couldn't come into work. So you and Steve had Scoops to yourself, well and the customers but, they didn't matter. It was a slow day and you and Steve were hanging out in the back room.

"He really does have a crush on you, if you couldn't tell."

"Awww Dustin is like a little brother to me so that's kinda gross but, should I talk to him about it? Because he can't even order his own ice cream, the other kids always do it for him!"

"I don't know if you should talk to him, I can if you want me to, ya know man to man." You laughed at his 'man to man' comment

"I'd really appreciate it if you did talk to him. He gets so nervous around me, it's getting weird."

"Well can you blame him?" Steve wasn't looking directly at you anymore. Instead he was looking at his sneakers, you knew what he was getting at but you wanted him to tell you. You pretended not to understand.

"What do you mean?"

"Well for starters, you're insanely beautiful like if you can make our stupid uniforms look good then imagine what else you can make look good. And you're good with kids, not just Dustin and the party but you're good with babies. I see how you play with the babies that come in here with their tired it's cute." You were blushing like crazy.

"You're fucking funny too. And you're so honest, you tell it how it is and I respect that." You walked towards him and looked into his eyes. It got quiet for a minute before you spoke up.

"Steve, do you like me?" You bit your lip, you already knew the answer but, you just wanted him to say it. You needed him to say it before you do or say anything else.

"Yeah, I like you a lot." After he answered you pulled his face to yours and kissed him passionately. You guys were getting pretty hot and heaving, your hands were tangled into his hair and his were roaming your body. For a minute, it felt like you were the only 2 people in the world.

Until a certain 14 year bursts through the door. You quickly pulled away from Steve and fixed yourself. Steve was combing his hair with his hands and adjusting his clothing. You looked at Dustin who had a disappointed but shocked look on his face.

"Really Harrington? You knew I liked Y/N!"

"Yeah but you're also 14! It wasn't gonna happen!" They were kinda starting to yell at each other now.

"You don't know that! I didn't know that you could predict the fucking future, Steve!" You decided to step in after what Dustin had just said.

"Okay, that's enough! Steve is right Dustin. You're 14, and I'm 19, we were never meant to be. I'm sorry." You pulled Dustin in for a hug. After work Steve drove you home. 

"So, Y/N"

"So, Steve"

"Are we dating now? Because if you wanna just like be friends that's be good too."

" I wanna date you Steve." Steve smirked confidently and tapped on his steering wheel.

"Alright cool, I'll pick you up at 7 tomorrow and we can go to that fancy place Enzo's or whatever." You agreed and gave him a kiss goodbye. You would have to thank Robin for telling you about Steve's crush on you.

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