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"It's not what it looks like" jake says quickly as he hides a bag of chips behind his back, my back of chips.

I narrow my eyes at him and frown, "oh really?" I ask skeptically. Jake smiles sheepishly and rubs the back of his neck with his free hand "you see, I was trying one to make sure they aren't poisonous. Ya know?".

I roll my eyes and snatch the bag of chips out of his hands, "I'm saving these to eat on the way to the castle. Go get your own" I roll the top of the bag and place them into my backpack I am currently carrying on my back.

Jake huffs and walks out of the kitchen. Today Ares and I are on our way back to his castle, along with my father. Tomorrow I am going to be crowned queen and that same night me and Ares are going to officially mate.

To say I'm nervous would be and understatement. I had no clue what I would be doing seeing is it would be my first time. I'm sure Ares has been with many women since he grew up believing he wouldn't have a mate.

I pushed back the jealousy that began to grow within me at the thought of Ares with other women and walked back into my old room. A small part of me felt guilty that me and Ares would be completing the mate bond especially since cole just recently passed away, but the pack needs a leader and in order to combine packs me and Ares have to be mated.

As soon as I stepped into the room, Are's scent engulfed me and there he was sitting on my bed reading a book. A smile crawled its way on to my face and I made my way towards him.

Noticing my presence he looked up from his book and smiled a white million dollar smile, "hey beautiful" he tells me.

I flop onto the bed next to him and sigh, "are you as nervous as I am for tomorrow night?" I ask as I pick at my blanket.

Ares chuckles "nah I've done this like a million times, I know what I'm doing" he replies and my heart drops.

Noticing my hurt expression Ares lets out a loud laugh and shakes his head in amusement " I was kidding. I've never had sex with anyone before" he reassures.

He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me to his chest, he leans near my ear "if anything I'm more excited than nervous. You don't understand how much strength it's taking me not to fuck you right now and how strong the need to mark you is" he says lowly causing me to shiver.

Ares flips me so that I'm under him. His hands placed near the sides of my head and his legs in between mine. He places his soft lips onto my neck placing gentle kisses, he leads up to my jaw then my cheek.

Tingles erupted every time his lips came in contact with my skin. He kisses the corner of my mouth before placing his lips on mine.

Our lips molded together and moved in sync. It was as if his lips were made for mine, which in a sense they were seeing is the moon goddess made him for me.

My fingers get lost in his dark hair and I tug slightly making him groan.

He slid his hands on to my back and flipped us over so that I was straddling him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and he placed his on my hips, our lips never breaking contact.

Without thinking I began to move my hips making Ares grip my hips tighter and groan.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

We both groan in frustration and I roll off of Ares, "come in!" I shout at whoever is on the other side of the door.

My wolf growled in annoyance, she was angry that someone would interrupt our moment with Ares.

The door slowly opened revealing my serious looking father. These past few days he's been more serious than normal, normally he joked around a lot but recently he hasn't been doing that.

Maybe it's because he's tired from all the responsibilities he has, especially since cole died my father has been nothing but busy with paperwork and meetings.

"It's time to start heading to your castle, my king" my father tells us and bows his head respectfully at Ares.

Ares nods and stands up with his hand held out for me to take. Taking his hand he helps me off the bed and onto the floor.

We both grab our bags from off the floor and follow my father out the house.

A limo sat in front of the house with jake, molly, my dad and Elijah standing next to it. Elijah lets out a squeal at the sight of us and jogs towards us, "my two favorite people in the world are here!" He shouts.

I let out a giggle as he pulls me in for a hug, Ares stiffens besides me but stays silent. "I have something to tell you but I'll tell you once we get into the limo" he whispers before pulling away and holding his hand out for Ares to shake.

Jake and molly walk up to me, "we came to say goodbye, for now at least. I'm gonna be taking care of the pack while dad goes with y'all to do paper work in order to help get the pack combined" he explains.

I gave him a sad smile and pull him in for a hug. Being away from my twin is hard, especially since we've always been glued to each other's side all the time.

"See ya later Eleanor, sorry we can't make it to the ceremony but we've made Mr.rivera promise to record for us" molly speaks up. I pull away from Jake and nod at molly "don't worry".

"Eleanor time to go now" Ares informs and I nod my head at him and turn back to Jake and his mate, "goodby guys" I say with a sad smile.

"See ya kiddo, be safe and protect the pack" my father tells Jake and pulls him in for a quick hug before following Ares, me, and Elijah into the car.

Once everyone was comfortable and settled down in their seats, I turned to Elijah who is at my right and ask "so what did you want to tell me?"


Guys I'm sorry I haven't updated recently. Ik it's been almost two weeks😔 but I'm back !

Hope you enjoyed !

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