Chapter twenty two

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I arrive at the cafe and walk in. I take a seat at a table and notice someone comes to join me. I look at the person and automatically realise it was Daniel.

"Want to talk about it? My shift ends in five minutes." He says softly.

I nod my head.

While waiting for Daniel I was just looking out the window watching people walk by and the cars drive past. I wonder what it feels to have a normal life...

"Hey, my shift is over. You wanna head to my place. I have ice cream." He says with a soft smile.

"Sure," I say back.

We head outside and he gets in his car while I follow him from my motorbike.

After 15 minutes we arrive.

As we enter the apartment I look around. Everything was so nice and modern. Daniel has some really good taste.

I sit on the couch scrolling through movies while Daniel goes to get some ice cream.

Daniel comes back with two tubs of ice cream and spoons. As he gets comfortable he gave me a look telling me he was ready to listen. I take a deep breath and tell everything that happened with my father.

I honestly don't know why I open up to Daniel. This is only the second time we've met and I've already told him things that even James, Kelsey and Mamie don't even know, but I can't help but feel safe and secure around him.

I don't feel like a gang member that has to hide their emotions, I don't feel like the scared, vulnerable girl I used to be, I don't feel like I have to be anyone else but me and he wouldn't judge me in any way.

There's just something about Daniel that makes me feel at home. That I have someone who I can trust and rely on. Yes, I trust James, Kelsey and Mamie, but this is different. The feelings I feel are different. It's like I've known him my whole life.

After talking with Daniel I felt relief to get everything off my chest. No one really knows what my father used to do to me. James only knows bits of it but not everything.

Daniel shows me to the guest room and gives me one of his shirts to wear. If your wondering what the fuck is going on, well basically I got a bit carried away like usual and it's late just like the last time we spoke and he doesn't want me to go home alone late at night so he persuaded me to stay the night.

When I got into bed I remembered this time to text James to let him know I'm at a friends house and I'm going to be staying the night so he wouldn't get worried. I also texted the girls and told them to meet me at school instead of them coming to James's house.

I was just about to fall asleep when I just remembered something...

The date with Ashton!


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