Golden Relations

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| Tsukiko's POV |

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| Tsukiko's POV |

After the events of last night, and denying lots of begging to stay behind, Rusalka and I were back in the very familiar forest. We left the town in the early hours of the morning after all the celebrations had stopped and the townsfolk had gone back home to rest. We had walked quite far into the forest before the sun had risen into the sky. It was nice to watch the sunrise today. It was so pretty, the oranges started to breach the sky at around half five. The sky started to fade into a light blue as the orange haze started to dissipate as the day grew on. Clouds appeared in their natural white, snowy colour as birds started singing and chirping their merry tune. The forest was calming, it was full of life and yet there never seemed to be any predators or any danger.

It was probably early morning when we deep enough into the forest to let our power flow. It felt good to just let it all out, for so long had we kept it bottled up inside, it was probably damaging. I had done it for so long by now though, that I couldn't feel if it was or not. 

Now that we had the townsfolk trust properly, we could finally do what we really stayed here to do. Even though the forest was stunning, there was another reason for being here. The magical properties were just as breathtaking. Some of the stones and crystals found in the area had magic boosting abilities as well as looking great as accessories, you just had to know what ones to look for and then in turn, how to use them. The difficult part was finding them, the forest had jewels and stones hidden in plain sight, and then, as well some hidden in the most of obscure places. Once they were found, using them was pretty easy, all you really had to do was either harness the power of the stone or crystal in either a piece of jewellery or break it and get to the power inside. 

Rusalka didn't want to use the crystals and stones for her own use, but I was determined to find the ones that would help me. I still had the trials to face at some point, or at least when they decided to send down the next beast. They wouldn't stop for anyone or anything, and I needed to be stronger, especially if they were now using beings and beats like Rusalka and the Nuckelavee. I didn't want to take any risks, and even if that meant some foul play on my part then it had to be done. 

I knew exactly what ones I was looking for, there were four of them. A blue, purple, silver and gold and pink one, and they would all increase my magical power one way or another. I planned on finding them all and then breaking them, I didn't need to wear them. It was better to break this and get the raw power as, overall, it gave me a bigger boost. However, the downside to a larger increase in magical power was that only beings with a higher magical capability could handle doing it this way. As although it helped in the long run, the power was different magic to what mages used. The magic power from the stones and crystals was raw magical power from the land, so it was not generated in the body of the mage, therefore it was not suited to their ability. Ultimately, causing harm on the mage who tried to gain the pain, those who could not deal with this harm were made weaker as a result. The power would be expelled from their body, and it would take some of their original power with them, increasing its overall power, giving the next reciprocate the same treatment, or even more magical ability. In some rare cases, the mage trying to gain an increase magically had actually been so weak that the new magic in their system had actually drained the mage of their original magic, causing them to become either so weak they pass out or actually taking all their power, making them become a normal human. In even rarer instances, it had actually caused the mage to die.

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