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Over the next few days, Jungkook made it his mission to avoid Jennie. He wanted nothing to do with the girl, in hopes that the marriage may be cast aside, however once the King announced both families would be required to dine together, the Prince had a feeling of dread seeping into the pit of his stomach. He knew there'd be a bombshell dropped that very evening, hence why Jungkook couldn't help but tap his foot nervously throughout the meal, waiting for his Father to get straight to the point.

"It's wonderful that the two Kingdoms have the chance to finally reunite and become one again through the marriage between Jennie and Jungkook," King Jeon announced loudly, causing all eyes to divert onto him.

The chatter between Yoongi and Hoseok died down, and Jennie's attempts at maintaining a decent conversation with Jungkook came to a halt.

"I agree. May this mark a significant change in our history," Jennie's Father chimed in, raising up his glass to propose a toast. Everyone but Jungkook mimicked his actions, as the Prince was far too angry to follow suit. Instead, he received a sharp glare from his Father who stared daggers into his son's face.

"Since the Kim's have been residing in our palace for a week and a half tomorrow, I've decided that it would be a good idea to speed up the marriage process and throw an engagement ball in two days time to celebrate the news. It'd be an excellent way to make the Kingdom aware of our new changes."

Having said this, Jungkook couldn't believe his ears. His entire face flushed a deep shade of red due to the sheer anger he felt. He could physically feel his own blood boiling in his body, although he knew he had to keep his mouth completely shut for the remaining time of the dinner.

Jennie, on the other hand, looked absolutely delighted. Yoongi attempted to engage his brother with eye contact, although Jungkook seemed to keep his gaze restricted to his own lap, attempting to take several deep breaths in order to calm himself down. Masking his trembling clenched fists under the table, the Prince counted down the minutes until the King dismissed him, to which he immediately rushed out of the room, making sure to avoid the questioning glances towards him from the royals.

Once Jungkook departed the room, he made a beeline for his room, feeling nothing but sheer enrage. There was a slight bit of hope he was lingering onto that his Father may have changed his mind about the marriage, however that was completely impossible now, since the engagement was imminent.

His mind focused on the events that occurred yesterday morning, when Taehyung had ended up eating breakfast in his own room. The two had conversed in an actual conversation, a conversation which Jungkook actually wanted to be apart of. The talk seemed to flow effortlessly between the two and soon the moments of awkwardness fizzled out as the pair found out more about each other.

The Prince soon learned Taehyung was born in Daegu, although he'd soon moved to Northern Territory after his family decided to migrate across the Kingdom. There, he became a servant in the palace to care for both his parents who were far too old to provide for themselves. Taehyung had no siblings, nor any pets. Hoseok was the closest person he had to a brother, as well as Jimin and Seokjin whom he'd grown quite close to lately.

Finally reaching his room, Jungkook barged inside, making sure to slam the door closed behind him.

He was livid.

At this point, he'd give anything up to be exempt from being a Prince of South Korea, although he knew it was impossible. He was forced into a lifestyle he wanted nothing to do with.

His train of thoughts were broken by the sound of a loud knock against the door, causing Jungkook to glare towards the sound, expecting to see either Jennie or the King.

"Get the hell out," he shouted, visibly failing at attempting to control his temper. He wished to see absolutely neither of them, as he was in desperate need of solitude, however the deep, familiar voice that was audible after the knock caused him to freeze his actions, as he recognised it was Taehyung behind the door.

"Jungkook? It's me. Can I come in?" he asked gently, hearing the quiet "yes" in response from the younger, before he pushed open the door, revealing the clearly distressed Prince in the centre.

Taehyung's eyes softened with sympathy as he looked at Jungkook, who stared back at the servant with a neutral expression. "What is it?" he said lowly, mustering a tone of nonchalance, however the look he received from Taehyung said it all.

"You don't need to pretend," the elder spoke out a second later, furrowing it brows slightly. He'd heard Jungkook storming out of the courtroom, hence why he immediately followed him, wanting to make sure the Prince was okay; and especially what Jungkook confessed to him yesterday morning made Taehyung feel as if he had to check up on him.

"What am I pretending about, hm?" the raven-haired asked, raising his brows at Taehyung's statement. The change in demeanour from the blue-haired boy was visible, as Jungkook remembered how quiet Taehyung was days ago. Grudgingly, he had to admit he preferred this side of the boy much better. He was clearly acting like himself, rather than the shy servant he made himself out to be.

"You're pretending that you're okay. I don't know what was said in the room to make you so upset, but you don't have to hide it from me."

And that's when Jungkook broke down. He felt himself caving in, as every single bone in his body collapsed from the stress imposed upon him from his own father. He felt weak.

Meanwhile, as Taehyung witnessed Jungkook visibly shrinking in his own frame, he couldn't help but do one thing.

Despite the fact he was a servant and Jungkook was a Prince, the elder took a step towards him and enveloped him in a hug.

He said absolutely nothing, as he knew the comfort of his arms around Jungkook was enough to let the male know he was okay.

It was enough to let him know that Taehyung was there for him, no matter how different their social rankings were.

The two of them internally relaxed as Jungkook allowed himself to be comforted for the first time in his life. He no longer felt as if he had to pretend he was always strong, hence why he inhaled the deep scent of Taehyung as he buried his face into the boy's shoulder, allowing all the worries to pour out from his system.

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