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"Wow you look beautiful" my father gushes as he looks at me with happiness shining bright in his eyes.

I turn away from the mirror and give him a large grin "I really like the dress" I tell him and turn back to the mirror to assess my appearance.

I wore a white silk dress that hugged my body nicely. It was low cut in the front and had a large slit on the left side showing off my legs. My black hair has been cut to my shoulders and curled with the sides pinned back.

The maids had given me gold flats to wear with, originally I was going to wear heels but I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of the entire royal pack incase I were to fall.

"Are you ready?" My father holds his arm out for me to take, I take a deep breath nodding my head and looped my arm into his.

Today was the day me and Ares would finally announce me as queen and be fully mates by the end of the night.

By tomorrow the royal pack and my old one should be combined.

My father leads me into the throne room. Rows of chairs were on each of my side facing the two thrones.

Lights hung from the walls and white cloth was draped over the chairs to cover up their ugliness and a long red carpeting laid out in front of me.

My father led me to Ares who stood At the end of the red carpet, dressed in a black tux. His dark hair brushed to the side and his light blue eyes staring into mine.

Elijah stood to his left holding a sword in his hand. His face staring longingly at someone in the crowd of faces that sat in the rows.

My heart aches for him.


"The thing I have to tell you is...that..." Elijah stuttered. I roll my eyes in frustration, what could be so hard to tell me?

"Spit it out Elijah" I order, Elijah sighs and looks out the window and at the trees that rushed past us.

"I found my mate" he mutters quietly, so quiet that if I were human I wouldn't have heard him.

I let out a squeal, "OH MY GOSH IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU."

Elijah shakes his head and looks at me with sad eyes, "don't get too happy" he says.

I frown, "why not? Who is it?" I question. What was so bad about telling me that he found his mate?

"It's someone from the royal pack. The problem is though is that he's Straight, or so he believed. We had met at a bar, we were so drunk that we ended up doing it that night and the next morning he woke up horrified that he did it and that I was his mate. Sooo now he's been avoiding me but it's harder now since we've completed the mate bond" he explains quickly.

I pull him in for a hug and sigh, "I'm so sorry Elijah. Don't worry he'll come around" I reassure him, Elijah only nods.

End of flashback:

I'm pulled out of my thoughts when Ares grabs onto my hand and pulls me in front of him. A large smile graces his face and my heart warms at the sight.

I hadn't realized that I was already near Ares.

Ares places a kiss onto the back of my hand, "you look beautiful my love" he whispers as he steps away so that Elijah is now in front of me.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for making it tonight to the crowning of Eleanor Rivera!" The crowd erupts into cheers causing me to blush.

Ares holds his hand up making everyone go silent, "anyways, once this is done we will complete the mating ceremony tonight and by tomorrow her old pack will be combined with ours. You see Eleanor's first mate used to be the alpha of her old pack, then he rejected her and now she's my mate. Due to their alpha passing and since Eleanor is their rightful Luna we are to combine the two packs. If anyone has a problem with this come talk to me about it in two days. Thank you."

Ares nods his head at Elijah and Elijah takes a step forward, "kneel" he commands.

I held back a growl from being commanded. Me and my wolf did not like being commanded to do something, but this is for a good reason.

I kneel onto my right leg so that my left leg is sticking out, the slit in my dress making it so much easier.

I lift my head up and look at Elijah in the eyes.

"Do you Eleanor Rivera promise to protect the royal pack with your life?" He starts off.

"I do"

"Do you Eleanor Rivera promise to protect the king with your life?"

"I do"

"Do you promise to be kind to others and be there for the pack in time of need"

"I do"

Elijah gently taps the sword on each shoulder before stepping back, it was odd. I didn't know they did that to queens too.

Elijah nods at Ares and Ares steps in front of me with his hand outstretched for me, with a smile I lift myself off the floor with Ares's help.

Without warning Ares plunges his teeth into my neck and a gasp leaves my throat. Pain erupts throughout my neck but as quick as it came it was gone and replaced with pleasure.

"congratulations Eleanor Rivera, you are now queen of the entire werewolf species" Elijah says and everyone cheers.

Ares looks at me with a lustful look, he grabs my hand and drags me off into the hall where our rooms are located before even dismissing everyone.

"Im going to tear that dress off of you and make you mine" he growls lowly.

He opens the door to his room and gently pushes me in. After shutting the door the room grows dark making it hard to see.

Within seconds Ares's mouth is placed into mine.


I don't know if I should put sexual context in the next chapter because I'm not that good at it lol. And keep in mind I don't actually know what people say when they are made queen so I just made it my own, lol.

Also sorry that the chapter is so short, I was tired and I'm also sorry it's been like a week since I've updated I've just been busy with school.

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