Chapter 28 : And they Met

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Hi guys back with an update ,hope it lives upto your expectations .

Two Weeks Later

Vihaan drove back home after he failed yet another job interview , he resigned from his previous job the day after Lavanya moved in and he didn't regret his decision . Yet his inability to find a new job was worrying him to a degree .

He had always worked ever since he could and the sudden lack of employment left him feeling down , he was no longer under financial constrain . He had always saved a part of his salary for Anjali and yet would continue to worry that it was nowhere near enough till her adoption .

And now he no longer had to worry about his sister , and even his living expenses have become almost non existent
after he moved to Rajeev bhai house . Still he wanted the financial security a job could provide and by the time he reached home , the sound of laughter gained his attention as he walked inside to find his angel and Anjali playing with each other .

As always his sister rushed to his side the moment she noticed him and Vihaan even managed to sneak kiss from his angel while his sister rushed to her room to bring in her mark sheet .

Vihaan can't help but be surprised by the failing grades in her mark sheet , he understood the change of school would be bit of a struggle for his sister but he was more worried about Divya di and Rajeev bhai reaction . He should have noticed that she was falling behind but he didn't want to interfere in her life too much and now Anjali may pay the price .

He was worried to see that his sister was still smiling at him as if not bothered by the low marks , it was at the moment Divya di and Rajeev bhai entered ,they went on a two day vacation to attend their extended family wedding ,they wanted to take Anjali but she got cold after consuming a large tub of ice cream over movie night . Hence they left her with Vihaan and Lavanya .

Anjali rushed into greet her parents , still waving her mark sheet undaunted by their presence ,Vihaan didn't want to see the disappointed look on Anjali face if her parents were upset about her marks . His angel as if understanding his turmoil held his hand in a reassuring grip trying to let him know he wasn't alone .

Vihaan almost rushed to Anjali side when she handed the mark sheet to Rajeev bhai ,yet held himself back .It wasn't his place to interfere and then he was surprised when Rajeev burst into a laugh , it so wasn't the reaction Vihaan expected from him .

" Divya , our daughter doesn't like Maths as well ..Just like me " Rajeev spoke up towards his wife ,who just shook her head at her husband antics as she bend down to pick Anjali up into her arms .

" You did good Anjali ,Mama is so proud of you " Divya spoke to the little one as she kissed her dimpled cheeks with affection. As Anjali continued to beam at them with love .

Vihaan heart rested into its normal pace only after that , something must have showed in his face that by the time Rajeev walked upto him , he knew he noticed his expression.

" Vihaan , do you know how may times I failed in my class yet it didn't stop me from succeeding in life . Trust me Anjali will be fine , and since it is established my daughter is just like me when it comes to maths ,I am glad at least in our family you are good with numbers " Rajeev spoke up and left to freshen up ,and Vihaan mind continued to hear our family repeatedly . As his face broke into a smile .

" See I told you , Don't worry about Anjali . She is going to grew up pampered just like me " His angel spoke up after a moment and he found himself agreeing with her . Yet his mind wandered back to his another sister whether she found a good family . He have been constantly thinking about her this last few weeks and yet he felt helpless to do anything about it .

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