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Two updates in one day! These took me all day to write damn I'm slow. Also, warning, I don't write smut and this chapter is as close as I'll get lol. I hint at stuff but hell if I'm actually writing that shit so here is my compromise for all you who want that. Anyway, that was just a warning even though there isn't anything bad. Regardless, enjoy this sap chapter.



The evening is weird, which the parents pick up on. Keanu keeps looking between Leo and I hoping to catch something, Leo and Keanu haven't bickered but instead said one or two nice things, and Keanu is not glued to my side.

"Two nights left," Mrs. Medero says.

Keanu goes to put her plate away.

"You guys think it's too late to go to the beach?" My mom asks. 

Mrs. Medero shrugs. "I don't see why not. I haven't been to a beach at night, in years."

"Then I guess we'll go."

"Hey mom," Keanu says quietly. "Can I stay? I don't feel all to well."

"What about Andrew?"

"He'll have Leo. Besides, I've been hogging him all week."

Mrs. Medero just shrugs. Keanu offers a sad, weak smile to me before she leaves.

Never in a million years did I expect her to react so kindly? She's clearly sad, part of me is too because it's the end of an almost two year relationship but it's mainly just relief I feel.

Part of me wishes I'd not been such a freaking baby and done this months ago. 

"Go change then," my dad says. 

Leo follows me upstairs and closes the door behind him. "Hey, you did it," he says with a toothy grin.

"I also single handedly fixed you and your sisters relationship. Call me the relationship god," I smirk.

"Oh yeah it only took, hm, what, five months?"

"Shut up."

He's so close to me I can feel his breath on my face. 

"You know, at the beginning of summer, you were taller. Now your short."

"Now you shut up."

"Make me, Medero," I smirk.

"No problem, Pollock."

On his tippy toes, he leans in. For a solid second I can't stop smiling because it's cute.

A huge part of me wishes mother never suggested going to the beach. For once I can be with Leo without cheating. I want to be all over him, I don't want to leave. 

Eventually he's pressed against the wall and he makes a soft moan which makes me melt.

"We have to go," I whisper. 


"Oh. Someone got excited," I laugh softly. I sound calm but my heart is racing. "I can deal with, wait have you ever...?"

He shakes his head. 

"Well, did you want me to..."

He gets all shy and shrugs. 

"You can say no."

"I mean..."

I press up against him and whisper in his ear. "C'mon, baby, I need a yes or a no."

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