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Short, last chapter. Some of you wanted an in the future chapter so I'll likely do that but, congrats, you reached the end.

Once again, unedited. I know I'm an awful writer lol.


"You broke up with Keanu?" My mom glares me down.

Oh this should be fun.

"Why would you do that? I don't think you thought this through Andrew. She's perfect for your future."

"I always liked being friends with her. Dating her made me want to put a bullet through my head," I groan from the couch.

"Andrew, enough dicking around with your sad humor. What happened?"

"I like someone else." I shrug.

I'm very good at acting calm when really my insides are ready to explode.

My father walks downstairs.

"George, Hannalore just told me Andrew broke up with Keanu. Please talk to your boy, this doesn't seem very thought through."

Five months thought through.

My dad walks into the living room and raises an eyebrow.

"When the heck did you two get so invested in my dating life?"

"We're super close with their family, Andrew. Everything was perfect and you're throwing that away for?"

Part of me is concerned if I say, I might give them a stroke.

"You know what? It doesn't matter who because tonight we're going to their house for dinner and you will fix things with Keanu."

I sigh to my mother as she gets up and returns to the kitchen for breakfast. 

I decide to skip out on the awkward breakfast with mom and head to the garage to see the others. 

"Ah there's our favourite preppy boy," Liv says as I walk in.

"Thought your favourite was Aleks," Gabe snorts from the couch. He doesn't bother to look up from his game.

"Ah yes. Okay so there's the second favourite."

"Personally, I'd say favourite," Leo smirks after he pulls down his mask to rest on his neck. I'm assuming he was painting outside. The other giveaway is he's covered in paint. Why is he so messy?

"Throw back to when you two couldn't stand each other," Mia jokes as she walks between us, she winks to me as she walks by. 

Everyone seems to be doing their own thing. Liv is on the bean bag chair on her phone, Gabe is playing games and Mia has her head in the fridge.

"Where's Elle?" I ask walking up to Leo and giving him a hug, his head rests under mine.

Mia shrugs before turning around, staring at us for a moment then shrugging it off and carrying on. 

"Did you know our families are having dinner tonight?" I whisper to him.

He shakes his head. 

"Warning, my mother is going to try to make me date Keanu, which won't happen but I'm sure it'll be entertaining."

"I'm just curious to see how Keanu will react. She's very unpredictable."

"Yeah. She's been surprisingly calm though."

"Which scares me," he laughs. "You never know whats happening in her head when shes quiet."

"Keanu quiet, what a concept."

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