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I like to write these chapters because it gives me closure ugh writing is emotional. Considering this story is set when it was written, I guess this is like thirteen years into the future. Thanks mates for putting up with my shit for 33 chapters.

This chapter is completely unnecessary, it's just a fluffy chapter. Also, so many of you hated Keanu but she's matured a lot since she became close with her brother and she's not aa spoiled 17 year old girl anymore so I'm proud of her.

ahahahah once again unediteddddd.


"My sister is getting married today!" Leo says, far to excitedly as soon as I walk in the door.

"It's been on the calandar for a year Leo, I'm aware."

"Aunt Kea is getting married today!" Ailani says running into the room.

"Why is she covered in paint?" I sigh. Ailani's curly hair isn't even in a ponytail but instead has chunks of paint in it. She also has paint on her cap that she refuses to wear anyway but backwards.

"We were painting a rainbow bird!"

"It's not really rainbow, the colors mashed into a brown," he says to me.

"Okay, you're both covered in paint. This is why I left early. You're late to everything."

"Buzzkill," Leo says. "Hear that Lani? Dadda is a buzzkill."


"Why do you teach her just absurd words? Last week she called me repugnant. I didn't even know what that meant."

"One, because it's funny. Two, so she can be smart and beat all the other kids in life."

"Okay, you go get cleaned up and ready and I'll put Ailani in the bath."

"Bath time!" If there's one thing this kid loves, its water.

Once I get her in the bath I coach her to call daddy vacuous.

An hour later we're finally at the venue. I awkwardly walk past Elijah, a.k.a Mr. Medero, who hasn't liked me since Leo and I started dating forever ago. That and to piss him off I purposely called Leo, baby around him. He did name Ailani though. The two are inseparable sometimes. Almost like how Leo was with his nana.

"Andrew!" My father calls. "Did you end up talking to Liz?"

"I got off work early today and the rule is, outside of work, we don't talk about work."

"That's not how things work when you run a company, son."

"Lucky for me, I still have a year before I completely take over, so till then I will abide by that rule."

I catch Gabe and ditch my dad. "Hey congrats," I say.

"Well, I'm not married yet."

"I am, loser," Leo says as he walks by. He won't ever grow up. Unfortunately, Ailani is his shadow and copies everything he does.

"Yeah, loser."

"Oops," Leo says. "Ailani, we only call dadda a loser. No one else."

She frowns.

"Have you seen the others?" I ask Gabe.

"No," he sighs. "I've been saying hi to every person at this wedding. How many people does Keanu know?"

Another thing, after Leo and I started dating, Keanu started to hangout with us. Eventually over time she became good friends with the group she had made fun of for years. Liv is actually a bridesmaid and Mia is the Maid of Honor. Gabe and Keanu had been off and on for years through out university, but hey, they're getting married today.

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