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I feel nauseous all of a sudden. My stomach is aching too. I tried to fight the feeling and continue watching with kell.

"Hey you okay?"


"Your pale"

Ugh. Why did this happen to me, such bad timing. I can't focus on the movie because of this I think it's time for me to go back. So I stand even though my knees are shaking.

"I will go back now thanks for your time kell"

"What? Are you sure? You can go back while your at that condition. Let's just call your mom to fetch you here"

"No. I'm fine. I can manage"

"C would you look at yourself. You can't even stand properly. Whatever I'm gonna call her now"

"Wait-" and before I even finish she ran to their telephone already. That girl is really annoying. She dialed then wait patiently. Until, the other line pick up and answer it.

"Uhm. Hello Aunt Janette - no - I called because C  I mean Cassey is sick - yeah- she's here- wait- I'll pass this on her. Hey! Come here C your mom wants to talk with you. Here your welcome"
I gritted my teeth when I heard her last line.

" Stupid. I am so gonna kill you after this!"

"Blehhhh try then"

"Oh trust me I will"

"Whatever here"

I cleared my throat first. God it hurts to speak too. "Hello" I answered with my slightly hoarse voice.

"So I heard your sick" stating the obvious here. But I don't hear sarcasm in her voice especially the worry.Just her normal monotone voice. She will not even bother to worry. And I'm a little glad that kell called her to let her know that I'm still breathing.


"Can you go back by yourself though?"

"I think?"

"You think? This is the first that you hesitate..... Anyway I'm almost done here so I think I can go back with you"
She's right. I was never hesitant when answering her. But what she said lastly made me feel relieve.

"I will just wait you here in kell's house sorry for the bother"

"It's fine"

"It's fine? It's the first time you said that to me. I'm hanging up now bye"

"Hmmm bye"

I put the telephone down and go back to the living room where kell is sitting.
I slowly sit my shaking state in the couch and feel sleepy. I closed my eyes and put my head back on the couch. It feel so comfortable. Before I knew it I fell asleep.

I put my phone down and stared at it for a second. Just now, I felt so scared because of that kid. But at the same time relief because she answered the call. Weird I used to hate that kid for everything she cause to my life.

I sighed and continue my last work. When I'm finished I quickly pack up.
Then I head to the bus stop and step to the bus that is in front. Usually I will choose the bus that is not too crowded but this feeling inside made me want to go back quickly to her.

When the bus finally stop I paid then step down. My feet is aching because of my hills but I don't even notice it. I'm finally in front of the Kelly's house.
I buzzed their door bell and waited.

The front door opened by a kid which is in her age. Then smiled at me.

"Auntie Janette you finally came"

"Yeah where is she?"

"Oh! C is sleeping soundly in the couch because of her cold I think. She's so warm too, come in auntie"


"Your always welcome  she's here in the living room"

I let the kid led me to their living room.
And saw her sleeping comfortably with her mouth slightly open. She's right she is a bit pale and look so tired. I slowly walks towards her and crouch to my knees and slowly shake her.

"Hey I'm here we're leaving now"

"Hmmmm your here"

"Yeah get up so we can leave this place"

"I can't get up my body feels heavy"

"Ahm. Is that so?" She nodded weakly.
Then slowly fell asleep again.
I don't have a choice but to just carry her. I was going to inform her to carry her when kelly spoke behind me.

"Auntie will carry you C. Your sick so I think it's better that  way. Is that okay with you aunt?"

"Ofcou- Yes"

"Great do you need help?"

"No. I can manage"

"Woah your really are mother and daughter she said that to me earlier"


"Yep, so your gonna go home now?

"Yes thank you for looking after her"

"No problemo she's my best friend so I'll keep her safe. Always"

"Thanks we will go now"
I turn my attention to her. Then slowly carry her. I thought she's heavy but ni she's as light as a feather to me. I guess that's because she's skinny and small even though she's 7 years old.

I walk to the front door. And I'm glad that kelly already open it up for us. Cause my two arms are both supporting her one at her back and one in her legs. Her face is in my neck. I can feel her warm steady breath there.
I decided that I will from to our house. Besides it's not fam from here.

This is weird while walking there's a warm feeling inside me. Maybe I am going to be sick too?

She's still sleeping peacefully on my shoulder. I guess being sick is really awful. But today, with her being sick I'm also glad.


-lislyn ^_^

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