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Nicolette's POV
My wanted him. To run into his arms and accept him, but I wasn't going to give into her wants. I heard a snarl come out of Beck then I couldn't hear anything. I saw Malcom's mouth make movement but I couldn't hear. It's was like everything moved in slow motion. A soft ringing started in my ear. It gradually grew louder until I couldn't stand it.

I put my hands to my ears to try and drown the sound out but I didn't work. Suddenly, the ringing stopped and I was bombarded with noise. I let out a whimper and grabbed my stomach and fell to the ground.

"Nicolette are you okay?" I heard beck call out. I quickly said a quick spell and a small barrier formed around me.

"Don't touch me," I choked out. I took deep breaths trying to calm myself but the pain was a lot to take in at once. Wave 2. There was a total of 5 waves. Depending on how fast each waves passes it could last the next 4 days.

"Beck t-the third cabinet f-from the right is my h-herbs b-bring the w-witch hazel, w-wolfsbane, and vervain. Also get some hot water and a bowl," I instruct. I clench my stomach and let out a breath as the pain started to grow.

"Lette I'm not doing that all of that is poison to you," he says to me with eyes wide open. I let out a growl and take the barrier down and lift my hands at the cabinets. Bottles and a bowl came out of the cabinet and I landed them right in front of me.

I quickly took off the caps and put the herbs into a bowl and started mashing then up. I turned the sink on with my powers and as the water fell into the sink, I started to make an orb of water and brought it to the bowl. I mixed the paste and water together until it became drinkable.

"You're gonna drink that? Are you mental Nicole," Beck said.

"It's not enough to kill me. Just sedate me for a few hours hopefully for the day. When I wake up I want him out of my house," I pointed to Malcom. Beck just stood there and stared at me. I grabbed the cloth around my stomach tighter as the pain became unbearable.

"Do you understand?" I ask Beck. He nods and I bring the bowl to my lips and drink the mixture of the three things that could kill me. The mixture burned my throat and made my eyes tear but I felt my eyes get drowsy and then I saw black.

The full moon was tonight and it was my 15th birthday. I pace around my room trying to mentally prepare myself for my first shift. Important years to remember. 2 years old is when I get my powers. 3 is when I get my daemon 15 is when i first shift. 18 is when I can find a mate. 21 is when I stop aging.

I flip down on my bed and stare out my window. It was only 11:12. I have 48 more minutes left but since I'm a tribrid it could come earlier.

My dad has been training me for two years for this. He taught me how to control the pain and how make it go faster.

"You'll be fine sweetheart," my mom told me as she leaned on the frame of my door. She looked at me with a sweet smile on her face. The sweet smile. The only thing I didn't get from her. I had my dad's smile and my dad's toughness.

"I'm scared," I tell her. She comes and sits at the edge of my bed and I sit up.

"You've been preparing for a long time," she smiles lightly.

"You'll do perfectly fine," she says putting her hand on my cheek. I lean into her hand sigh. I looked out the window again and I saw the moon peaking. I felt my eyes start to glow a bright yellow. And my arm start to burn.

"It's starting," I whisper to her. I rush out of my room and scream in pain and grasp my arm.

"Honey it's starting," my mom shouts to my dad. I swing the back door open and stumble to the ground. I heard another snap on my right arm and let out another scream.

"Nicolette you need to breathe and relax," my father said bending down next to me. I let out another scram as the bones in my leg snapped. My breathing became uneven and I started hyperventilating.

"It's hurts," I cry out.

"Calm your breathing. Slow your heartbeat down and let your wolf come through," my dad told me. I went through all the breathing exercises we practiced during training.

I concentrated and let my wolf take over me.

Third Person's POV
As Nicolette fell asleep on the ground, Beck was worried about her. She had a large intake of al the herbs that could possibly kill her. Her breathing slowed and her body relaxed.

Malcom walked over to her and started to pick her up. Before he could touch her, Beck quickly shoved him backwards.

"Who the hell do you think you are," he growled at Beck. Beck let out a scoff and rolled his eyes.

"I'm Nicolette's friend and I've known her for over 100 years," Beck said.

"And I'm her mate," he scoffs bending down to pick her up. Beck used his vampire speed and pushed Malcom even further away from her.

"She said that she wanted you out of her house so get the fuck out," Beck snarled. He pick her up and kick her door open. He places her down in her bed and sees Malcom in the doorway.

"Get out," Beck snarled again. Malcom let out a huff and rolled his eyes.

"I can et her wolf to relax," he fired back. He started to get on Beck's nerves and he was so close to losing it.

"She has bruises all over her torso from your fun time with one of those many she wolves. She doesn't need you so fuck off."

"What is she?" He demands.

"None of your damn business."
So this is super short. Like 500 words shorter than usual but I wanted to get a chapter out for y'all.

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