Chapter 29 : Birthday Gift

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Hi guys back with an update ,hope it lives upto your expectations .

One week later .

Lavanya was angry with Vihaan ,he had forgotten about her birthday . And she missed her family ,they always wished her in person for the last 13 years and for the time she was far away from them . She knew it was her luck that her exams coincided with her birthday which meant she can't go back home .

And since she is not living alone ,she knew her parents won't be able to visit as well . Rajeev and Divya were nothing but welcoming of her and she adored Anjali ,yet she couldn't invite her whole family when she was a guest in their house .

But she had been excited about spending the day with Vihaan ,and was dumb founded when he didn't remember . Her parents and Yuv called last night at 12 , and even Gauri called later .

Gauri knew the rules ,Lavanya always wanted to wait till her parents wished her before accepting her friend wish . And so she only called 15 minutes past 12 . Vihaan didn't know about the rule ,and so she waited for him to knock at her door ,when it failed .She atleast expected a call or text .

Then she fell asleep assuming he was asleep as well and hence missed wishing her ,now only she understood he didn't even know . She had clearly mentioned it to him before when he asked her about it. She had assumed he would surprise her but he forgot about it .

Lavanya was aware he becomes a different person while exams ,the guy looms around the house with a book all the time ,she understood how it can be forgotten under the stress ,as he finally confessed three days ago that he quit his job . She understood but still felt disappointed.

They drove together to the college ,and Lavanya pushed her disappointment aside as she concentrated on the exams ,she had only one exam left and then leave commences . Close to 45 days with out Vihaan .

But they talked about it ,and he promised lots and lots of video calls to make up for it ,she had wanted to invite him around this time as well. But couldn't do so ,as last time she invited him just as a friend ,this time he would be more than that and she wanted to spend time with her family as well .

Yet the plan had been that she will stay for two days after the exams before leaving for home ,which would give her two days of vacation with him . And her face lit up with a smile to see Akash wish on her phone ,she quickly responded back . She missed him each passing day .

Lavanya was thankful that she had prepared for the exam well before hand because her mind was filled with various thoughts that day ,yet she was relived to know it didn't affect her in the end . He was waiting for her as always in the car ,she wanted to blast at him for forgetting her birthday but didn't want to act childish so remained quiet on the ride back


Vihaan didn't like to make her upset anyday ,especially not today . He knew his angel was angry with him for forgetting her birthday . But he was under the strict orders from Divya di and he was stuck . A surprise birthday party ,a plan fully planned and executed by Divya di .

Lavanya didn't have much friend except akash , she was the lone wolf in classes just like him . She told him once that she couldn't make friends easily and it a wonder Gauri sticked with her this long . So when Divya di found out the party won't have friends who are close to Lavanya ,she invited her family .

Then Divya di ordered him not to a breath a word to Lavanya ,and pretend like he didn't even know it was her birthday . The only person exempted from secret keeping is Anjali as she really didn't know , only till the ride back and then he would no longer need to keep the secret and that fact propelled him to drive a bit faster towards home .

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