Says What

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A/n: A henderson!reader, this is inspired by my little brother saying "stupid says what" and then me responding with "what" like an idiot.

Steve had taken Dustin to the arcade. Dustin needed one-on-one time with Steve, not that he'd ever admit it. They were at DigDug, Max had just beaten Dustin's high score for the 3rd time that month and he was determined to beat her. Steve hadn't been paying attention to anything except for the time. You were supposed to start your shift soon, and all Steve wanted was for you to walk in so that he could flirt with you.

You walked in, Steve stared at you, it was like you were walking towards him in slow motion. He could see your mouth moving but didn't hear any sound come out. Steve had shaken himself out of your trance.

"Sorry what?" You giggled slightly.

"I said that I didn't know you were hanging out with my brother today."

"Oh yeah, um apparently Max beat his high score again so he wanted to try to beat her high score." You turned your attention to Dustin and shook your head.

"Sorry bud but, Max is the best person at DigDug, she's always gonna beat you. Well I gotta actually start working now. I'll talk to you guys later."

Steve watched you walk away. Dustin hit Steve's arm, causing him to look at Dustin.

"Why didn't you tell me that you like my sister?" Steve's eyes widened when he realized Dustin was being super loud and that you were less than 5 feet away from them. He quickly moved his hand to cover Dustin's mouth.

"Dude! Shut up, I don't want her to know!" Dustin pulled away Steve's hands away from his mouth.

"So what if she knows?"

"She would never go for a guy like me. I mean she's gorgeous, smart, funny, nice, she likes you and the rest of the party, especially El. She's so cute with the girls, like she's their big sister. Did I already say she was gorgeous? Because she is, you guys look nothing a like."

"Okay I get it Steve. Y/N's way better than me." He rolled his eyes at Steve.

"C'mon, you know that's not what I meant but, I  mean she's Y/n Henderson, she's the prettiest girl in Hawkins. Everyone wanted to date your sister, even Billy. "

"She talks about you." Steve's eyes widened for the second time that night.

"What does she say?"

"I heard her tell El and Max how she thinks you're cute and how she can hear you talk about her to me and the guys when you come over." Steve's mouth fell open, he never thought you could hear him when he would talk about how amazing you are.

"Hey Steve, I have a question for you."

"Okay, shoot Henderson."

"Y/N'sfutureboyriendsayswhat." Dustin spoke the sentence as fast as he could. Steve looked at Dustin confused.

"What?" This made Dustin squeal with excitement.

"Yes! It worked!" Steve was still confused.

"What worked?" You had heard Dustin's squeal and you decided to head over to him to check out what all the fuss was about. Steve slowly turned around to see who was behind him. You waited for one of them to say something. Finally Dustin cleared his throat.

"I said 'Y/n's future boyfriend says what' but, like super fast and Steve said 'what' so that means he's gonna be your boyfriend. Oh and I have to go to the bathroom." Dustin looked at Steve and winked while giving him 2 thumbs up as he went to stand a few feet away from you guys.

"So, I guess we're dating now." You were trying to make the tension between you 2 less awkward.

"I guess we should make it official by going on a date." Steve wrapped his arm around your waist.

"We probably should, wanna go to the drive in? You can pick me up at 8." You looked up slightly at Steve.

"Yeah that sounds great."

You went back to work and watched as your 'future boyfried' was high fiving your little brother. Dustin was probably happier about you guys going on a date than both you and Steve. You couldn't wait for your date with Steve.

After your shift at the arcade was over you went home to get ready. You showered to get the smell of the arcade off of your body. You got dressed in a comfortable yet cute outfit. When Steve pulled up to your house, you quickly ran out to his car and got in.

The movie wasn't anything worth paying attention to if you were be honest. The only thing you could think about was how Steve had been playing with your hair. You looked at him and gave him a sweet kiss. That one kiss turned into 2, then to 3, then before you knew it you were under Steve as his lips were attached to yours. His hands were resting at your sides, while your hands were tangled in his hair. Neither of you realized that the movie was over or that the parking lot was empty, except for Steve's car, you also didn't notice Chief Hopper walking towards the car. What you did notice was Hopper's banging on the car window. You both quickly pulled away and Steve rolled down his window.

"Really, Harrington?"

"Sorry sir." Hopper shook his head and made a tsk noise.

"Well whoever is in the car with you better come out so I can drop them off at their house." You muttered a goodbye to Steve as you got out of the car. You were looking at the ground not wanting to face Hopper.

"For God's sake, Y/N? You were in there with him?" Hopper loved you like a daughter, you were almost as protective over El as he was. You looked back to Steve's car, you noticed that some of the windows were still pretty foggy.

"Well sir, it does take 2 people to create that much steam." You could hear Steve let out a snort as your smart remark left your mouth. Hopper was unamused to say the least.

"Get in my car now, go home Harrington." You and Steve both listened to Hopper. Hopper gave you a very stern warning  to you on the way to your house.  Dustin was sat by the window and he watched as Hopper dropped you off. When you walked back in the house Dustin began questioning you immediately.

"Why did Hopper drop you off? Is Steve okay? Are you okay? What the hell is on your neck?" After hearing the last question you ran to your bathroom and noticed that a small hickey had started to form.

"Everything is fine. Hopper dropped me off because Steve's car broke down..." It was such an obvious lie and he knew it. He didn't want to press you further, he knew how stubborn you could be, he knew he could get answers out of Steve easier.

You layed down in your bed, staring at the ceiling as the feeling of Steve's lips was still there. You reached up to touch your slightly swollen lips, and a smile formed on your face. You couldn't believe that you were dating Steve. You also couldn't believe that you had been caught by Hopper.

You went to sleep that night thinking of Steve and what the future holds for you guys.

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