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Jungkook couldn't wipe the giddy smile off his face for the rest of the day. In fact, after the two boys had spent hours underneath the willow tree, talking about fruitless matters as they simply enjoyed each other's company, the Prince couldn't help but offer to take Taehyung into town.

The younger was left feeling much more intrigued about the servant boy since he'd ever been before, hence why he couldn't help but allow his face to light up in euphoria once Taehyung nodded in agreement, desperately wanting to spend more time with the Prince even though he wouldn't admit it to himself.

"What if someone realised I'm gone? Jennie might need my help with something," Taehyung said uncertainly, chewing his bottom lip in agitation.

"Relax, Tae. I'll come up with an excuse. It's fine," the younger soothed, as they began walking out the palace gates together. Jungkook managed to dart back into the palace for a few minutes in order to retrieve a long, brown cloak which he'd put over his clothes in attempt to mask the rich outfit he'd slipped on in the morning, as well as the hood he successfully hid his face in, so that no one would recognise the Prince around town.

"Do you come out the palace often?" Taehyung asked curiously, as the two continued to walk along the route from the palace to the central market place, where the Prince intended to show Taehyung the vast array of different stalls and items sold in South Korea.

"Not really. I don't usually have a reason to," Jungkook responded nonchalantly, turning his head to the side slightly to glance over at the blue-haired.

The morning glow of the sun radiated down upon the pair, giving Taehyung an ethereal look. The boy's bronze skin glittered perfectly against the warm, golden light which resulted in the Prince gawking at him every few seconds, unable to comprehend how someone could look as beautiful as Taehyung did.

"What?" the servant mumbled shyly, noticing the way Jungkook's eyes lingered upon his face. "Stop staring."

Jungkook couldn't believe how comfortable he felt around Taehyung in such a short space of time. He noticed the way the elder had also opened up to him much more, as the pair completely forgot about all social expectations when they were around each other. Jungkook felt it unnecessary to demand respect from the servant, and Taehyung felt it unnecessary to remain polite and courteous around the Prince.

"Can you blame me? You look pretty," the raven-haired complimented, before he reached out for Taehyung's hand, rubbing comforting circles into the male's palm as he did so. The sensation of the boy's delicate fingers between his made Jungkook feel complete.

Taehyung remained quiet for a few seconds, feeling much too flustered to say anything. Each time Jungkook complimented him, he felt as if he was on cloud nine. Every moment or so, he doubted whether he was living in reality or not.

"Jungkook?" the servant murmured softly, keeping his fingers laced between Jungkook's hand. "What would happen if someone sees us? Don't you think we're being too careless about this whole thing?"

"Why would anyone see us?" Jungkook asked, his brows raised in question. "This is the first day we've been out together. I doubt anyone would be walking around the gardens in the early hours of the morning. And no one can see my face right now," he continued, signalling to the hood he had draped around his face.

"I know, but still. I don't want you to get into trouble."

Jungkook could almost let out a bitter laugh at the boy's statement. If they were to ever get caught, the two of them knew Taehyung was the one who'd be in danger, not the other way around.

"You're too selfless for your own good, you know," Jungkook muttered, giving Taehyung's palm a quick squeeze. "Let's just enjoy the day, okay? We're here anyway," he said, pointing over towards the distant view of the town visible in front of them with his free hand.

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