Chapter 31 : His Sister

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Hi guys back with an update ,hope it lives to your expectations.

Dedicated to everyone who loved Vihaan and wanted him to find his sister

Two Weeks Later .

Vihaan had been a nervous wreck , initially they had planned to visit as soon as his leave commences but Divya di and Rajeev bhai opted to come with him , So he delayed his visit as rajeev had to reschedule all his meetings for him .

Vihaan knew how busy Rajeev could be and for him to take a break for two weeks was huge and to realize they were doing it for him made a bigger impact. He had been extra busy the last few days trying to oversee everything in an hurry .

It also gave time for his sister mother to come to terms with his arrival , his angel parents have spoken to her mother as soon as they have arrived and found out his sister was unaware of being adopted , and so they have decided for now vihaan would get to spend some time with her ,and will not say anything to her for the time being about him being her brother.

Lavanya went home last week after the end of the exams ,and she told Vihaan that she personally went to assure his sister mother that his intention were never to harm their relationship ,only to be a part of his sister life .

Initially because of his own experience Vihaan believed that his sister could be happy only with him ,it was also the reason he had been against Anjali adoption at first as he couldn't trust any adults .

But now after meeting Rajeev and Divya , knowing his angel parents . He seen the side of parents that he never seen before ,one that protects their kid and not harm them , one that loves their kids unconditionally and doesn't let the hatred for their spouse fall on them . He also realized that some people do marry for love and stay in love .

It was this adults who gave him confident not only about his sister happiness but about his happiness as well. He had never hoped to be loved by his angel and nor did he believe it can withstand his past ,but now he does trust on them making it through till the end .

Rajeev being rajeev had a house in Kolkata as well ,just under thirty minutes of drive from his angel family . All the meeting between him and his sister were planned to happen in the his angel house. As his sister wouldn't find it awkward if the meeting were more of a casual one than every second of it preplanned .

They arrived last night and was driving to his angel house right now where they were going to plan an occasion where Vihaan could meet his sister . The non stop chatter of Anjali alone helped Vihaan relax a little ,she was seated beside him and taking in the new sights before her with excitement .

Vihaan had been telling the truth that somehow the good things in his life were always interlinked with Angel and her family ,he visited the house once for the little girl beside him , who is deliriously happy with rajeev and Divya, he can only hope at the end of this journey he could find his way into his sister life without hurting her .

He texted a message when they drew near and his angel was waiting for them outside with her father , he wanted to take her in his arms , just a week without her but it felt like a life time . Still kept his distance out of respect for her father presence ,as he greeted both of them .

" My grandparents are for a short visit , come inside I will introduce you to them " his angel spoke up as she dragged him inside awhile rajeev and Divya di were still engrossed in talking with her father .

He already knew his angel dad parents were no more ,so it must be her mother parents . They both were kind and welcoming of him as his angel introduced them and when Rajeev and Divya entered with Anjali ,his sister once again took the attention of everyone including Lavanya grandparents .

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