Chapter twenty three

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Ashton's pov:
Today was the day. The day I was finally taking my angel out on our first date and I couldn't be more nervous. Ive been freaking out so much to make everything perfect because she deserves only the best.

I still can't believe this is gonna happen. I hope she likes it, I worked so hard planning it and I put all my effort into it.

I planned a picnic by a lake with candles surrounding us. I even made the food and I've never set foot in the kitchen to make anything so it was a challenge, but I would do anything for my angel.

I look at the time and it was almost time to go and pick her up. Leo and Brandon came up to me and gave me a bro hug wishing me good luck.

Honestly, I bet there just glad I'm leaving the house because all I've been talking about is my angel and begging them to help me with ideas for the date and setting it up.

I get into my car and start making my way to her house.

As soon as I arrive my hands start to get sweaty and my nerves start kicking in.

As normal all my thoughts come racing around my head. What if she doesn't like the date? What if she doesn't like me? What if.... no stop. I shake my head and take a deep breath heading towards the door.

I knock on the door twice and guess who answered. James...

"I'm here to pick up Luna." I spoke softly trying to hide my hatred for this guy, but I don't think it worked.

All he did was smirk. "She's not home."

"What do you mean she's not home?" I said through gritted teeth and my hands tightening in to fists.

I know I'm trying to become allies with him and his gang, but this guy really makes it hard not go up to him and punch square in the face.

"I mean she's not home. She texted me saying she's gonna be staying at a friends house for the night," he said as his smirk got bigger.

He has to be lying right? I'm sure he's just messing with me and my angel will come out the door soon looking gorgeous as she always does.

He gets out his phone and showed me his text messages with angel. It was true...

I walk away and got into my car. I held on to the steering wheel so tight my knuckles started to go white.

Why would she do this to me?
Does she really hate me?
Does she have feelings for someone else?
Who's this friend that she's ditching me with?

The last thought was the one that began to torment my mind. What did I do so wrong?

Did I even have the right to be mad? She did yell at me in front of the whole school telling me how much she didn't want me in her life and when I asked her out on the date I didn't really give her the option to say yes, but why would she just leave me like that.

She could have at least texted me, called me or told me to my face she didn't want to go.

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