Audiobook available!

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Hey guys! 

Thank you so much for loving Franny and Tyler and Bulletproof for so many years. I started the book when I was 15 and to see the love it has been given amazes me and I'm so grateful! 

If you want to have a piece of Bulletproof to always keep for yourself; it has been turned into an audiobook!

Bulletproof was published through Hachette as an audiobook with 2 extremely talented voice actors!

Bulletproof's audiobook is available through audible, iTunes, Amazon and many more! There are links in my bio and you can search the title in any major audiobook retailer.

It is to purchase, so of course, this is only if you can afford it. I know many of you can't and that is completely fine, your love for it here is more than enough! You can however also get it with free trials if you're really wanting it!

But if you do happen to buy the audiobook, let me know! You get to keep a part of Bulletproof with yourself, you get to hear the characters from voice actors I picked out and can read along with the book here as you listen - and of course, purchasing this audiobook directly supports me and my writing career which I am eternally grateful for.

Thank you to those that have already bought the audiobook, and thank you to everyone who has given this book so much love even after so long!

- Ellie x

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