Chapter 7: Why Are You Interested in an Ordinary Woman Like Me?

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However, compared to Lu Man's unperturbed attitude, Lu Qi's attitude was a lot more suspicious.

Thus the police officers again requested Lu Qi to follow them to the police station. Lu Qi was originally already feeling guilty, and upon hearing the police officers' request, she was even more unwilling to follow them to the police station.

He Zhengbai consoled her. "Don't be scared. You didn't do it so nothing will happen to you. I'll accompany you to the station."

Lu Qi nodded her head, her face was pale making her look very pitiful to onlookers.

Just as He Zhengbai was leaving, he looked around for Lu Man and spoke with resentment, "Lu Man you are despicable, treating your younger sister like that. You were the one who did this, you can't escape."

Lu Man laughed in disbelief. How could he bring himself to say that to her when she had been the one who had been wronged all along, both in her past life and her current one?

But somehow he had managed to push the blame on the victim.

It was this man who had, in the past, told her tenderly that he would take care of her and treat her well, that he would not let her end up like her mother.

Yet now, he was helping the daughter of the woman, who had ruined both Lu Man and her mother, to frame her!

She had already forgotten some of the memories they had shared in the past.

She once again saw the look of hatred directed at her by He Zhengbai. "B*tch!"

Lu Man took a deep breath. No matter what the circumstances are, she would certainly feel aggrieved upon being called a b*tch by a bastard.

Finally, when He Zhengbai and the others left, Lu Man gave a sigh of relief, but suddenly she realized that Han Zhuoli's hand was again on her waist, pulling her into his embrace.

"Young Master Han, thank you for your help tonight," Lu Man politely said, with not even a single charm of the seductress she was before.

However, when Lu Man tried removing herself from his embrace, Han Zhuoli refused to let her go.

"I apologise for disturbing you. I'll leave right now." Lu Man smiled stiffly.

Yet Han Zhuoli did not let go and instead brought her closer to him. "You want to leave right away after you are done using me?"

Lu Man did not believe that Han Zhuoli would do anything to her.

With his status and good looks, he could have any kind of woman.

Thus he must not be desperate enough to take advantage of her.

Hence she just smiled at him without fear, believing that he not would do anything to her, and asked, "Then what does Young Master Han wish to do?"

Han Zhuoli laughed softly. This woman was interesting.

She did not throw herself at him, yet did not reject him. She truly believed that he would not do anything to her.

But why would she think that way?

An extremely beautiful woman rather naked, covered only in a towel, and having an amazing figure, was in his arms and yet she believed he would not make a move on her?

It was true that it was rare to find a woman that interests him, otherwise he would be pestered every single day, by the old lady at home. However, he was could not find a girlfriend to satisfy the old lady's demand.

It was not that he did not wish to find one. It was merely that there was no woman who could attract his attention.

By just looking at them, he already found them too dull.

However, the woman in his arms right now had managed to grab the attention of both, his heart and body.

He actually wanted to remove her towel and eat her up!

Since he was thinking of doing it, his actions naturally reflected his thoughts.

His slender and bony fingers had unconsciously grabbed the hem of her towel and pulled it downwards. The towel fell onto the floor, pooling around her long legs making them look as if they were immersed in milk.

"Didn't you just say that you were going to accompany me tonight?" Han Zhuoli said as he pressed her against the wall.

Lowering his head, his attention was completely drawn to her, his gaze so fervent that it felt like it was burning her skin.

Lu Man started to get nervous. He did not even budge when she tried to push him away.

"Young Master Han, it was solely a misunderstanding just now. How can an ordinary woman like me interest you?" Lu Man quickly said, anxiously trying to cover herself but failed to do so.

Thus she could only resort to sticking close to him; however, this made her seem even more alluring.

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