Chapter 9: Looking Down Now, Han Zhouli's Hand Had Unexpectedly...

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After hearing that Han Zhuoli was next door, the director had especially come over to greet during the daytime.

Lu Man was once again shocked by his question. Why would he suddenly initiate this topic?

"Lu Qi wanted to be the main female lead in the director's new show. Thus she agreed to meet the director in his room, even when she knew what the director actually wanted from her. However, just as things were about to progress further, she wanted me to take her place. I didn't want to, and thus I started protesting. But during our brawl, she used the table lamp to knock me out and even harmed the director in the midst of the fight." Lu Man summarized what had happened.

"So that's how it is." Han Zhuoli nodded his head.

Lu Man was shocked seeing not even a shred of doubt in his eyes upon hearing her explanation.

He indeed believed her.

"You believed what I said?" Lu Man asked, shocked.

"Why would I not believe you?" Han Zhuoli felt hat her question was ridiculous, as it was sensible to believe her.

"Why?" At that moment, Lu Man had forgotten that she was still being embraced by him, and was instead touched by his trust in her.

The two of them were strangers who had only met today, and he knew nothing about the situation, yet he still trusted her so much.

Back then, even her biological father did not trust her.

But this man, Han Zhuoli, who had only met her once believed her without any hesitation!

"There's no need to ask why. I already know that you're speaking the truth," Han Zhuoli said.

There was no way for him to explain her. It was simply just because of his power as the head of his family.

There were eight prominent families, and each family head had their own secret power. The heirs to the family are chosen only when they are able to awaken the ability that their family heads have.

However, in every generation, there would be only one single person who could awake the same ability as that of their family head.

Hence, as long as they could awaken their power, they would be the next family head.

The Han family heads had the ability to tell when a person was lying.

Thus, if a person was talking in front of him, he could instinctively determine if the person was telling the truth or lying. It was not as if he could read their minds, but it was just that he could tell whether the person was lying or not when they spoke.

However, very few people knew of the eight families' family head having such powers. Only those whom the family heads trusted knew about it and they would never spread it around.

Otherwise, their special ability could also become a fatal weakness.

Because if people knew of their ability, it would be easy for them to pressure the family heads into misusing it for their own benefit or they would think of ways to stop or prevent the family heads from using it.

Lu Man's eyes felt a bit wet, as in her two lifetimes, besides for her mother, no one else had trusted her this much.

Ever since her parents had divorced and Xia Qingyang had entered the Lu family, it was as if she had no father.

Lu Qiyuan never believed her words, but he trusted whatever Xia Qingyang or Lu Qi said.

Even though she was the one being bullied and schemed against, Lu Qiyuan never believed her and often scolded and punished her, telling her to learn from Lu Qi and to not bully Xia Qingyang and instead respect her as her step-mother.

How long had it been since she last heard someone say they trusted her?

Yet the person, Han Zhouli, who said that he trusted her was someone she had no relations with at all.

Ha, thinking about it, it was quite ironic.

How even a stranger could believe what she had said, yet her family members never believed her. Even her boyfriend who was also her childhood sweetheart, despite knowing the truth preferred to help the real culprit frame her.

She had been a total loser in her past life.

However, Han Zhuoli's trust in her made her heart swell up and an unknown emotion arose in her heart. The places where his hands touched were ablaze and her heartbeats had gotten so rapid making her feel as if she was on the brink of death.

Just then, her phone ringtone suddenly sounded, jerking her out of her strange thoughts and emotions.

"Are you not going to pick up?" Although Han Zhuoli calmly asked her that, his hands were unruly.

A moment ago, Lu Man had been lost in her thoughts and did not take notice; however now, as she looked down, she noticed that Han Zhuoli's hand had somehow moved onto her chest.

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