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okay so I've been staying quiet about this for the majority because there's no point getting mad over certain people saying shit but I can't keep ignoring repetitive comments that are annoying me a LOT.

most people who read my book are supportive, sweet and just amazing on the whole for actually paying attention for my work, but then there are a handful who continuously annoy me.

commenting shit about me being bitchy by making Jennie look like a bitch and making Hoseok look like a bitch and unwanted is ridiculous. this is a BOOK. this isn't reality. it's fiction. none of this is real. it doesn't reflect how I think of any of the characters in real life.

FYI, Jennie is my ultimate bias and legit my mf girl crush on a whole. i love her to bits so telling me I'm wrong for making jungkook act bitchy towards her is literally..... what 💀 obviously you guys can comment about how Jungkook being rude towards her isn't fair and how you don't agree with how he's acting like that for no particular reason seeing as how she hasn't done anything, but DONT bring me into it. it's annoying.

and telling me how "outcasting" Hoseok is "discriminative" and disrespectful because I should've made the book either "vhope or junghope" as to not cast Hoseok aside is childish and ridiculous.

is it even possible for someone not to like jhope lmao he's legit the best person in the entire world. some of you need to quit getting pressed over fictional characters. it does NOT reflect how I feel about them irl. ill continue deleting the comments that annoy me, but seriously @ the handful of immature people, get off my story of you have an issue with the plot line.

however at everyone else, thank you for keeping updated with all my chapters. my messages are always open if any of you want to talk or anything, and again tHank you x2 for reading my story.

im sorry for the rant lmao, but seriously I've tried ignoring it yet it's only ended up in more people commenting ridiculous bullshit.

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