Author's Note

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Thank you for enjoying reading, liking, commenting, and listing Daddy Issues in the fast draft state. This was probably my least favorite books because of all the issues within. I've never revised before so this was a first attempt. I struggled between doing a major re-write and keeping what some of you all liked about it. Ultimately, some characters and chapters were either cut or melded together. Most of the ending was removed because it was just there to add to the overall word count, not saying that it still isn't rushed.

This story is now at 48,000 words where it used to be closer to 80,000. There was a lot of fluff content within some chapters that served no purpose and I could have cut more. I feel this length better fits the story, and it is still is still not perfect. My grammar still needs work, some things could probably be said in a more succinctly and it is full of passive voice. I could have probably re-wrote the story but I do want something to look back and see how much I've grown and to remember the fun I had writing this if I ever read it again.

Seeing people read this and other stories I have on this site helped realise that storytelling is something I'm passionate about. I cannot thank you enough for that. I have many ideas I want to work on, some of which I want to either self-publish or traditionally publish in the future. I hope for those who have re-read this story you like the changes and I haven't removed the soul.

There will probably be another revision pass after I let it sit for a while. Several cover attempts will probably happen as well.

Good luck with your reading and writing journey.

Also, sorry for spamming your feeds.

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