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Jungkook's face was paper-white as Taehyung told him the previous events, overcome with a sense of sheer anxiety. He stared at the boy in front of him, visibly gulping as he did so.

"Do you understand what this means, Tae?" he said harshly, internally pulling out his own hair at how naive he'd been as to not think the pair were blatantly obvious. "It doesn't affect me. It affects you. You're the one who's in danger if anything if she proves herself right."

"It'll be okay, Jungkook," Taehyung said firmly, although he adopted a gentle tone. "We'll be fine. We'll be more careful from now, and fizzle out every suspicion she has of us."

Jungkook remained silent, brooding over the situation once again. Now that he'd had a bit of time to get over the initial panic, he began thinking rationally. Now that Jennie was questioning them, the Prince knew him and the servant boy couldn't be seen together. At all.

"Kook," Taehyung spoke out after a few seconds, glancing up at the Prince. "I think you should spend a bit of time with her," he said cautiously, immediately noticing the way Jungkook's expression contorted with objection.

"And why's that, Taehyung? Hm?" he asked accusingly, wanting anything but to spend time with the Princess: especially now.

"Because then it'll settle her suspicions. She won't think you like me. Just think about it, okay? It doesn't even have to be for long."

Jungkook knew Taehyung was right, although he loathed the idea of using his free time to be apart of Jennie's company. The girl evidently liked him, which is why he wanted to make it clear he did not feel the same. He'd been reasonably blunt with her in the past, however he doubted she'd managed to obtain the fact Jungkook was the least bit interested in her.

"The ball's tomorrow night. I'll have to be with her then, won't I?" he asked, remembering the engagement event his Father had prepared for tomorrow evening.

"Just don't be hostile," Taehyung warned, taking a step towards the Prince. "It won't benefit either of us in the end, okay?"

Jungkook hummed in response, pulling Taehyung towards him. The shorter male immediately complied, glancing up at the taller.

"Are you going to come tomorrow?" the Prince mumbled, pressing gentle kisses across Taehyung's face. "I don't think I'll be able to bear the night without you."

"You're asking me to come to the engagement ball of the man I happen to be very much attracted to, huh?" the blue-haired responded, although the teasing smile playing on the ends of his lips made it evident he wasn't at all mad. "Of course I'll come."

Jungkook only looked at the smaller boy, rubbing comforting circles against the sides of his hips. Using his hand, he tilted Taehyung's chin up with his hand, gazing into the latter's widened brown orbs. "Tae," he mumbled lowly, running his thumb along the male's bottom lip.


"I really like you," he said simply, only absorbing the sheer beauty in front of him. He couldnt seem to fathom the right words about how he felt towards the servant boy, however he wanted Taehyung to have an idea about how much Jungkook practically worshipped the boy.

This made Taehyung break out into a small smile, as he ran his fingers through the Prince's black strands of hair. "I guess I really like you too, then," he responded, unable to prevent the slight blush creeping up his bronze cheeks.

"Baby," Jungkook murmured gently, turning around a few seconds later as he pressed the elder up against the bedroom wall, noticing the way the blue-haired boy's facial expression turned into one of embarrassment, causing his gaze to lower, unable to look at Jungkook in the eye. "Look at me, darling."

"Stop it," Taehyung whispered, sending the younger over a look of defeat at how easily he felt himself virtually crumbling underneath Jungkook's hold. He found it almost impossible to maintain an expression of all seriousness in front of the raven-haired man, since he almost didn't know what to do in front of the Prince.

"Stop what? I didn't realise I was doing anything," the elder responded, feigning a look of innocence. Yet, in reality he was consciously pinning Taehyung firmly against the wall, keeping his chest pressed against the other's. He didn't know what had overcome him in that very second, since all his brain seemed to want was one thing: Taehyung. Jungkook desperately craved the feeling of the boy underneath his touch. He wanted to feel him grow weak due to the tender caresses he'd make towards him. The man had never experienced anything like this before, hence why even he didn't quite know how to react in the situation.

If only Taehyung knew how much he had Jungkook wrapped around his finger.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are, hm?" the Prince asked softly, lowering his head as he began peppering light kisses across the boy's jawline, swiftly moving over towards the side of his neck. "You're so pretty, my darling. So pretty," he continued, uttering each word after each small kiss.

"Jungkook.." Taehyung breathed out, visibly feeling himself go limp due to the constant kisses placed upon his delicate skin. He couldn't help but bite down harshly on his bottom lip once he sensed the Prince's lips brush over his sweet spot, located directly underneath his own jawline. "Kook.. I-" he began, before feeling his breath hitch midway through his throat, once Jungkook ran his tongue along his sensitive spot repetitively.

"I want to hear you, sweetheart. Don't hold back," he ordered firmly, tapping against Taehyung's bottom lip, to which the elder immediately complied too, parting open his lips in order to allow the soft sound of his suppressed moan fill the air between them. This caused Jungkook to swallow the lump in his throat, as he too let out a groan of desperation after hearing the beautiful sounds being emitted from Taehyung.

"God, darling. You're so perfect. Such a perfect boy," the male breathed out, gripping Taehyung's chin with his left hand. Successfully, turning his face towards the side, Jungkook marvelled at the artwork littered across the boy's neck, absorbing the sight of the purple bruising beginning to form against his skin.

Taehyung only managed to let out a muffled whimper, feeling insanely overcome with sheer pleasure after Jungkook marked his neck. In truth, he'd never had anything like this done before to him, which only made the experience that much more pleasurable.

However, once Jungkook began moving his mouth towards the servant once again, Taehyung placed his finger against his lips, stopping the Prince in the process. "Kook," he whispered softly, his cheeks burning up almost immediately. "I haven't done anything like this before.."

Jungkook looked evidently confused for a few seconds, before realising what Taehyung meant, to which he nodded understandingly, instead pressing a reassuring kiss against his cheek. "It's okay, my love. We have ages anyway. I wouldn't expect something like this from you so soon."

Taehyung felt relief flood through his body, as he only stared up at Jungkook lovingly, swooning over how understanding he was. He couldn't believe how much the male had changed over the course of two and a half weeks. From the cold, isolated man he'd started off as, Taehyung watched him grow into the most selfless and affectionate individual he'd ever stumbled across his entire life.

And Jungkook, meanwhile, looked on at Taehyung, feeling intense disbelief at how he'd managed to capture the attention of someone so perfect. He couldnt form into words how lucky he felt that the most beautiful person he'd ever laid his eyes upon had returned his own love.

Safe to say, both Jungkook and Taehyung were head over heels for one another, and in that moment, absolutely no one could ruin it for either of them.

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