Chapter 36

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No texts, no calls. No anything since that day 6 months ago. People around her watched every step of her move, the papparazzi had claimed and published stories of every kind, nothing but lies of course.

Kat had learned to move on, even though she missed him so much. She was just done, trying to help someone who didn't want her help. Now she was ready to help her grandmother move on with the preparations of her wedding. The cake was already being made by her and the crew. The girls were buying the best ingredients for a proper feast.

The wedding was in just two weeks, and was going to be held at Rosa's house in the Hamptons. Much to Kat's demise, her parents would be there, sister included. Richard didn't want them there, but with nana's consolling she changed his mind.

Kat didn't want to raise anymore problems so she took her nana's decision with a pinch of salt and decided that she'd just avoid them on that day. Would be difficult seeing that she was the maid of honor, but she could just pretend they weren't there. She even decided to play it cool when she did see Talen.

He was going for sure, because her brother went for fittings with him.

"You know, he asks about you." Ryan told her one day while they were out for lunch discussing the wedding details.

"He who?" Kat pretended.

"Yea, don't give me that bullshit. Talen. He isn't seeing anyone you know. And his PTSD is almost gone. He finally opened up to me about it and his mom helped out as well."

Kat's heart fluttered. "Oh, well good for him then."

Deep inside the spark of hope grew again. Would he start talking to her again?

" Oh well good for him then." he mocked her and rolled his eyes.

"I'm just focused on different things now. I'm sure he is too. Heard about the new projects you've been making. Very proud of the things you guys are doing." she smiled at her brother lovingly.

Their company now was expanded across the nation and officially into China, securing many of the army men with extra high tech equipment.

" I'll pass that message over to Talen. He's the main man and the brain power. I just help push the stuff out there and market the hell out of it." he shrugged.

"Are you ready for nana's wedding?" she avoided arguing about him passing on her message for Talen.

"By that you mean.. have I spoken to mom and dad about them going for it? Then no. I don't intend on talking to them after what happened the last time." he sighed "How are you dealing with it. You are after all the maid of honor. Avoiding them will be difficult." he added.

"I'll deal with it like how I deal with everything else. By not dealing with it, and deal with it at the last moment by acting like nothing happened. If any of what I just said made sense." she took a longer sip of her long island tea.

"How will you deal with Talen? I'm sure with all the prep work coming up you're bound to bump into each other."

Kat had thought about what would happen. "She did have to eventually stand opposite him when her nana was saying her vows. Or sit at the same table at the wedding reception. Either way, she'd meet him for sure on the wedding day itself.

"I'll figure it out somehow. Don't worry about me. I've got the girls and Jon to help me out.

" Is Ryder still hitting on you? That would really piss Talen off." he asked.

"Well no.. I haven't seen him in a while. Nothing will happen between us. Don't worry, I won't upset your dear friend. AFter all, I'm just your dumb sister who chose to break up with him because of things you don't know about. You know what, so what if he hits on me. I hope he does. God knows how long I've gone without--"

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