Chapter 32 : New Obstacles

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Two weeks later

It has been two weeks and yet Vihaan hadn't made any progress with regards to earning his sister trust , they met around a handful of times ,while she was quite taken with Anjali,she remained distant with him .

Everyone around him helped as much as possible ,but it wasn't enough to dispel his inability to socialize . He knew it would be a slow journey , he knew it won't happen in the blink of an eye but the fact he had only spoke to her less than ten sentences wasn't helping anyone including her .

Today they decided to let the kids go without the adults ,as they believed it would mean less people for his sister to mingle with and may increase his chance and it would also be the last trip with Anjali as Rajeev bhai and Divya di were leaving tomorrow with Anjali .

It must be the first time ,he was separated from the little girl after her adoption but he trusted her parents to make sure she didn't miss him too much . Because he needed to stay behind at least till the end of his vacation . Rajeev insisted Vihaan stay in his house and Vihaan won't lack anything as Rajeev house had a live in caretakers who were more than capable of looking after him .

The decision for today event were left in the hands of the kids who each voted for their favourite and argued amongst themselves and finally agreed to day out in park . It would mean several outdoor games which was the reason Yuv and his cousin Yash opted for it ,while meera and Sanju agreed because they could feed the ducks in the pond . Anjali who was taken with cycling under the tutelage of Yuv was keen on driving it around the park ,which left his sister whose reason he didn't know because she tends to agree with everyone option without voicing out her own .

His angel invited Gauri and Ishaan as well but she didn't know if they would choose to come considering her cousin was invited as well ,he knew it bothered her that they both choose to avoid her invitation to avoid meeting each other ,

She was glad when Ishaan arrived alone with his father who dropped him off and left , and soon the kids made their way to the park . It wasnt the first time Vihaan was left in charge of kids but still he was aware only him and his angel were the adults during the trip .

He had hoped for a quite day where everyone managed to have fun without trouble and he was relieved that he was fortunate to have his wish fulfilled as they drove back home , they dropped others on the way and since his sister house was in the opposite direction ,he drove his angel and Anjali home first as the little one was exhausted after riding the bicycle non stop .

He was surprised when Yuv got down as well ,some sort of message passed between his angel and Yuv that he got down from the car leaving him alone with his sister ,he didn't know if he should be thankful for her interference or worried that he most likely to remain silent till the end of the journey .


Lavanya Rathore mood dimmed as they set out for home , the last two weeks her mom was bit distant and overworked more often than before , and Lavanya attempts to make her talk failed and she didn't like to be kept in the dark .

Usually her mom would be delighted whenever Yuv parents invited her to the house but lately she asked way too much questions when she returned back home that it spoiled her mood often to have all her conversation retold , and her mom only choose to accept the invite of Yuv family twice . One for the amusement park and the other one was for a family dinner .

The rest of the time she either was working or declined with various reasons ,including yesterday when she refused to accompany her to the theatre because she was tired . Lavanya had led a solitary life in Singapore ,she loved her parents but they were all she got back then and so the Yuv family had been a breath of fresh air .

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