Save Our Friend

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At the Previous chapter...

"But how did you know we're at the mansion?"

"I got an emergency signal from there"

"Emergency signal? Who would send an emergency signal?"

"I did"


The gang:"Huh??!!! Chichi ko!? "*shouted all of them

Fang:"so it was you who send the emergency signal to Ochobot,commander- I mean Chichi ko?"

Chichi ko:"yes I'm the one who send it because I heard the news that Boboiboy is still alive but what happened? Why did he attack you before?"

Gopal:"he didn't mean to attack us, he lost his memories that's all!"

Yaya:"yeah, we just want to talk to him! So we decided to meet him by going there!"

Ying:"but...we didn't know it was a trap"

Ochobot:"how about you guys go rest,you guys must be very tired. Me and Chichi ko will figure a way to make Boboiboy remember"

The gang:"ok"

At the same time-Reverse/Boboiboy

Reverse/Boboiboy:"arhhh!!"*scream in pain

Bora ra:"I beat after this you wouldn't disappointed me again or you know what will happen"*push the off button

Reverse/Boboiboy:*fall to the ground and fainted*

Bora ra:"send him to his room, let him rest"

Robot:"yes master Bora ra"*bow and quickly carry Khai to his room

Bora ra:"pathetic!*slam the table*..I will destroy those brats for sure! Just you wait!"

A week later...

At the kokotiam where the gang usually hang together.

Yaya:"it's been a week now and there's still no sign of Bora ra and Boboiboy yet"*in a sad voice

Ying:"it's ok Yaya we will bring him back for sure, we need to defeat Bora ra then save him"

Fang:"hmm....but we need a plan to defeat Bora ra once again then second bring back Boboiboy and his memories too"*explain Fang

Gopal:"dey! Are you crazy or what?! We're not the ones who defeated him, it was Boboiboy who defeated Bora we suppose to defeated him without Boboiboy?! I mean Boboiboy is the strongest one if he was here he would already destroy Bora ra!"*shouted Gopal to Fang

Fang:"would you shut up!!?"*snapped

Gopal:*shut up

Fang:"this wouldn't have happened if we didn't save him that time!! He sacrificed himself to save Ochobot and us while he's still injured!And when Bora ra manage to avoid being sucked by the black hole h-he pulled Boboiboy with him!!"

Yaya:"Fang calm dow-"

Fang:"we tried to save him b-but we failed and what's more...we only watched him being sucked into the black hole with Bora ra!...We know he's strong then us but that doesn't mean we only depend everything on him!"*shouted Fang loudly

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