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Jungkook sat still. Unmoving. Empty.

His mind was blank. He didn't exactly know what to think. It had been an hour since his Father had taken Taehyung away, and he'd remained in the kneeling position in which the the blue-haired left him in; unwillingly.

The Prince felt his insides coiling with sheer guilt. He mentally attacked himself for being so reckless about Taehyung. He hadn't ever imagined the pair would be caught, however evidently he'd been proven wrong.

The echo of his Father's words raced around his head as he inhaled a shaky breath, pressing his sweaty palms against his skin. Closing his eyes, the boy attempted to pull himself together, realising he needed to act brisk and smart in order to try and bring Taehyung out of the messy situation he was in.

Jungkook bit back the urge to completely breakdown then and there, since every fibre in his body was practically crying out with frustration. All he wished for was for Taehyung to be beside him, in his own arms: safe.

The door of his bedroom swung open hastily, causing Jungkook to look wildly over to the door, deliriously hoping for him to be met with the sight of Taehyung, although he only spotted his brother and Jimin, who looked on at him with widened, panicked eyes.

"Father just informed me what's gone on," he said urgently, kneeling down in front of his brother. Placing a comforting hand upon his shoulder, he met Jungkook's dull gaze, as the younger only stared at him with lifeless eyes. In that moment, he felt incomplete; as if a part of him had been torn out.

"Pull yourself together, Jungkook," Yoongi said softly, knowing far too well of the severity of the situation. "You need to take him out of there. Father's mad. He won't have long before his sentence is carried out."

The Prince remained silent, his lips pressing into a taut line. Jimin crouched down next to Yoongi, unable to refrain from stopping himself from breaking out into a fresh set of tears, although he soon brushed them aside with the back of his palm, realising that in attempt to save his friend, they needed to be shrewd.

"If anything happens to him," Jungkook murmured defeatedly, dejection laced around every part of his sentence. "I won't be able to live with myself."

"I know," Yoongi said gently, empathising deeply with his brother. In fact, if the roles were reversed, he wouldn't quite know what to do if Jimin had been taken away from him, hence why he vowed to do everything in his power to help save Taehyung. "We need to think of something. Quickly."

And that's why, the trio found themselves huddled in Jungkook's room for the next few hours, desperately trying to muster a decent way of retrieving Taehyung. However, despite the fact they maintained positive attitudes towards the situation, each and every single one of them knew the chances of saving him were slim.

It wouldn't be easy, yet Jungkook had no other choice. He had no other choice but to save Taehyung. The boy had practically become the very oxygen he breathed in, hence why he knew that he'd put the elder's safety before his own any day.


Hours later, Yoongi, Jimin and Jungkook were set to go. The pair bid the servant farewell, as Yoongi enveloped his boyfriend into a firm hug, peppering kisses over his face.

"Jimine," he mumbled quietly, his breath fanning the other's face. "Be careful, okay? Promise me."

"I promise, Yoongs," he said warmly, pinching the elder's cheek lightly. "Don't worry about me. We have to do this for Tae."

Swallowing thickly, Jungkook nodded slightly at Jimin, his expression neutral. He found it impossible to showcase absolutely any emotion, knowing that his lover could potentially be in the worst state possible.

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