Chapter 40: Crashing Heavily Into the Person

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"Mom, don't be like that. I'll tell you, I'll tell you," Lu Man had no choice and could only tell her roughly about what had happened, "Lu Qi had gone to find the director for the casting, but regretted it at the crucial moment and ended up harming the director severely. Now that all the evidence is against her, dad cannot bear to let Lu Qi go to jail. He does not want her career in the entertainment industry to be affected and hence wants me to take Lu Qi's place."

Xia Qingwei was trembling with anger. "Lu Qiyuan, you animal, how could you do this kind of thing!"

Now, she really regretted leaving Lu Man in the Lu family in fear that Lu Man would have a hard life with her.

This child had never said anything, but all these years, how much had she really suffered, no one knew!

Even after such a thing had happened, Lu Qiyuan wanted to make Lu Man the scapegoat without even blinking an eye. It was obvious that he had done a lot of such things, so much that now he was used to it and did not even notice how biased he was acting.

"Qingwei, be logical, Lu Man is Lu Qi's older sister. At such crucial moments, if she doesn't help Qi Qi, who else will help her? Furthermore, don't you know that Qi Qi has already suffered so much all these years? I can't let her down." Lu Qiyuan proclaimed, but he never once thought about how much he had let Lu Man down.

Subsequently, Xia Qingyang exploded, "You cannot let Lu Qi down, but you can let me down, you can let Lu Man down? I had suffered with you for so long, and when things took a turn for the better, you cheated on me with Xia Qingyang and divorced me. Lu Man would have only suffered if she had followed me, so I left her with you, but what did you do? Lu Man had worked so hard to enter such a good school, but you made her drop out. She was studying fashion design, yet you made her become Lu Qi's assistant. Is it that only Lu Qi is your daughter and Lu Man isn't your daughter? To you even Xia Qingyang's fart smells nice, However, in your eyes my own daughter someone to be trampled upon by you!"

Xia Qingwei was so angry she was trembling, she raised her hand to pull out the needle on the back of her left hand, raising the metal pole of the IV drip, she smashed it towards Lu Qiyuan. "Get out! All of you, get out! I won't let anyone harm my daughter!"

The pole of the IV drip was thrown out but it fell halfway.

As Xia Qingwei's body was not good, and so naturally, she did not have much strength.

The drip on the stand of the IV drip smashed onto the floor, and with a 'pa' sound, the liquid inside was entirely splashed on the floor.

Suddenly, Xia Qingwei was holding her chest as if she could not breathe, her face was so pale that it was scary.

"Mom!" Lu Man's face turned pale in fear, and she rushed to support Xia Qingwei.

Even the doctor and nurses hurried over, and the doctor did a simple check, saying, "She needs to be sent into surgery now!"

After that, the doctor accusingly said, "If your family has any problems, please solve them at home. This is a hospital, not someplace for you to fight! Don't aggravate the patient's illness!"

Taking advantage of the chaos, Xia Qingyang quickly ordered. "Capture Lu Man quickly!"

Due to the mayhem, Auntie Chai and Wu Zhiguo did not know what to do, Lu Man said, "Uncle Wu, Auntie Chai, please help me take care of my mother."

Moreover, Tang Zi was still not here, she would probably be captured by them today.

"But you..." Wu Zhiguo hesitated, feeling worried about leaving Lu Man here alone.

"Don't worry about me, please take care of my mother for me!" Lu Man turned around and saw that Lu Qiyuan's men had rushed up to her, thus with no time to say anything else, she immediately rushed towards the emergency exit.

"This–" Wu Zhiguo was still worried, but was pulled by Auntie Chai.

"Let's go, we have to first go and see Little Xia [1. Xiao Xia is another nickname and is referring to Xia Qingwei.]. If she really needs surgery, a family member's signature is needed. Since Lu Man is not there, it will be troublesome. So we should go there first to discuss with the doctor."

It was only after Auntie Chai reminded him, that Wu Zhiguo remembered that there was such a problem, and could only follow Auntie Chai to go towards the operating rooms.

Meanwhile, Lu Man passed by the lift, the lift door just happened to open.

She Lu did not even look as she rushed into the lift, crashing heavily into the person coming out of the lift.

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