Chapter 42: I'll Follow Everything You Say

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Lu Qiyuan's face turned purple due to the multitude of discussions about them.

Even Xia Qingyang was perturbed by the discussions, and desperately said, "Don't speak without knowing anything! It's... it's not the celebrity Lu Qi, it's not the same incident!"

Xia Qingyang was very worried that this incident would negatively affect Lu Qi, but why would people believe whatever she said?

"Capture Lu Man, quickly!" Thus, Xia Qingyang could not be bothered to keep up the facade anymore and revealed her true colors, fiercely giving out orders.

It was just that at this time, Lu Qiyuan was so angered by what the bystanders were saying that he did not even notice the change in Xia Qingyang's attitude.

Lu Man was very angry, her eyes were bloodshot, "My mom has fainted in anger and is pushed into surgery, yet you couldn't even bother to keep up the facade and ask about her, you just want to capture me to make me Lu Qi's scapegoat!"

All of this was directed towards Lu Qiyuan.

Even the bystanders standing around them started criticizing, "Exactly! This is so illogical, are they even human?"

"This girl is so pitiful, her biological father is trying to harm her so badly, how upset she must be feeling?"

"Stop speaking!" Xia Qingyang frantically chased them away, "This is a family matter, what does it have to do with all of you, leave! Leave now!"

"Quickly, go and cover her mouth and bring her away!" Xia Qingyang sharply ordered.

Those men wanted to follow her orders, but they were all fearful of Han Zhuoli.

Suddenly, at that moment, security guards appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of Han Zhuoli and Lu Man in an orderly manner.

They were all wearing black, with solemn expressions on their faces, and with a uniform height of 1.8 meters.

In comparison, the men Lu Qiyuan had brought along looked like a group of disbanded soldiers and were not at all scary compared to them.

"Randomly trying to kidnap people, you must really feel that the police are not worth fearing," Han Zhuoli took out his phone, "Since each of you has your own argument, why don't we call the police, let them come and settle this."

After he said that, he actually started to dial the number.

"You can't report this!" Feeling nervous Xia Qingyang shrieked, her voice was so high it hurt their ears.

Even Lu Qiyuan turned to look at her.

When had he ever seen Xia Qingyang scream and scold people like a shrew?

However, he had seen it today.

Noticing that something was wrong, Xia Qingyang became pale and hurriedly grabbing Lu Qiyuan's arm, looking at him like he was her savior. She lowered her voice and said, "Qiyuan, we can't call the police, if the police come and Lu Man tells them what is going on, then even if we want to make Lu Man be Lu Qi's scapegoat, we won't be able to anymore."

Not only that, it may even harm the two of them.

Xia Qingyang knew very well that what they were doing was illegal.

Lu Qiyuan thought about that too, and could not help but look towards Han Zhuoli.

If it was not for Han Zhuoli, they would have already captured Lu Man.

In the end, not only was today a wasted trip, but they had also embarrassed themselves greatly!

"Let's go!" Lu Qiyuan seethed with anger.

Hearing this, the men he had brought along let out a breath of relief and hurriedly backed away, no one wanted to be caught up in a fight with the bodyguards Han Zhuoli had brought along with him.

Just with a single look, they knew that they stood no chance.

"Are we... Are we leaving just like this?" Xia Qingyang was still not willing to give up because if they let Lu Man go today, it would be even harder to kidnap her again the next time.

Who knew what had happened, somehow Lu Man had become smart, slippery and hard to catch just like a mudfish.

"What else can we do? Are you going to wait here for the police to come and solve this situation?" Lu Qiyuan was still simmering with anger, and his tone was bad.

However, Lu Qiyuan had never spoken to her like that before, thus Xia Qingyang knew that he was enraged.

If they had not come down today, Lu Qiyuan would not have been this embarrassed.

Moreover, just now she had also forgotten to hide her true self, and her screaming and acting like a shrew must have looked awful.

"I don't mean it like that." Xia Qingyang's eyes reddened, and she acquiescently said, "I'll listen to whatever you say."

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