Chapter 55: That Unfilial Thing, Probably Never Ever Treated Him as Her Father!

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Even if this matter tides over and she need not go to jail, it would be a miracle in the entertainment career if she could ever become famous again.

Sleeping with higher-ups, hurting someone and being a third party.

No matter which, it was enough to make her suffer greatly.

Even if the evidence of her hurting the director was insufficient, with what Tang Zi had released, it was enough to make the netizens infuriated and lose her fans.

Lu Qiyuan got angrier seeing Lu Qi cry. "I'll find Xia Qingwei! I can't handle Lu Man, but I don't believe that even she can't!"

Lu Man trying to plot against Lu Qi had made already Lu Qiyuan furious. However, it seemed that she was trying to against him too!

That unfilial thing, probably never ever treated him as her father!

For the sake of this matter, Lu Qiyuan did not go to the office and went straight to the hospital.


Just as Lu Man finished feeding Xia Qingwei porridge, she heard some noise at the door.

"Who are you? Why are you stopping me from entering?" Upon arriving at the hospital, Lu Qiyuan immediately asked the nurse for Xia Qingwei's room number.

Recognising him from yesterday's ruckus, the nurse was unwilling to say anything.

However, he kept claiming that he was just here to visit his ex-wife. Hence the nurse could not stop him and reluctantly told him the directions to Xia Qingwei's room.

Lu Qiyuan rushed over, his face grim and sour. Yet, before he could even touch the door handle, he was suddenly held back by two men who appeared from nowhere.

"Is that Lu Qiyuan's voice from outside?" Xia Qingwei frowned. Upon mentioning Lu Qiyuan, her face was filled with disgust. She even felt like vomiting the porridge she had just eaten.

"I'll go out to take a look." Lu Man stood up.

Xia Qingwei held onto her wrist. "I'll come along. I can't let you get bullied anymore."

"Mom, you've just undergone your operation, you shouldn't move around recklessly." Lu Man moved Xia Qingwei's hand away. "Don't worry, just rest here, it'll be fine. You have heard what Dad said just now, probably someone must have stopped him. No matter who it is for what reason, it is definitely beneficial to us. I'll just go out and take a look. This is a hospital, he can't do anything to me even if he plans to do so."

"Then just leave the door open when you leave. Pass me your phone too. If anything goes wrong, I'll immediately call the police!" Xia Qingwei said.

Feeling uncomfortable, Lu Man said, "But, Auntie Chai is still in here, it's not just us. Dad is making such a ruckus outside, it will affect Auntie Chai."

Xia Qingwei let out a breath. "I was being too anxious that I did not even consider that."

No matter what, they could not inconvenience others because of their own family matters.

"It's fine," Auntie Chai immediately said. Auntie Chai was also listening attentively when Lu Man was speaking to Xia Qingwei. She was interested in gossip.

Besides, she could not fall asleep now either. She might as well leave the door open and be a busybody. "Just leave the door open, it's more reassuring."

Xia Qingwei apologized, "Auntie Chai, I'm really sorry. These few days must have been a huge inconvenience to you because of us."

"It's fine, it's fine." Auntie Chai waved her hand. "It's all because of that worthless ex-husband of yours. He keeps coming to find trouble with you guys. It's not that you are asking for it either."

"Sister Chai, thank you so much," Xia Qingwei replied gratefully.

"We're both in the same hospital room, it's normal for us to help one another." Auntie Chai nonchalantly waved her hand.

However, as Lu Qiyuan kept shouting outside, Xia Qingwei's face turned cold. "The CEO of a big company is shouting and making a ruckus out there like a hooligan, is he not ashamed?"

Lu Man smiled sarcastically as she walked out. "A man is known by the company he keeps. Usually, Xia Qingyang would cry, make a fuss and even threaten suicide to get her way. After living with her for so many years, it must have influenced him one way or the other."

However, Xia Qingwei would never behave the same way as Xia Qingyang.

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