Bring Him Back

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At the mansion

The gang including Captain Kaizo, Lahap and Commander Koko Chi are now standing in front of Bora ra's mansion.

Commander Koko Chi:"are you guys ready?"

The gang, Captain Kaizo&Lahap:*nod*"we're ready"

Commander Koko Chi:" let's go"

They walk into the mansion. Just like when the gang come here, the place is quiet and dark, even though it's early in the morning.

Lahap:"this place is dark. And it's still morning"

Captain Kaizo:"keep your eyes open everyone. He might be anywhere"

Commander Koko Chi:"we will spilt up into 2 groups! Ying, Yaya and Gopal, you will search the left. Fang, Lahap and me, we will search the right"

Yaya:"what about Captain Kaizo?"

Commander Koko Chi:"he will search at the upstairs. Now let's split up.
Meet here again after 3 hours"

They all split up and search the whole mansion. They look at every rooms but nobody was there. They search again but there's no sign of anyone, especially Bora ra or Boboiboy. After 3 hours of searching, they meet again at the same place where they split up.

Lahap:"does anyone saw something?"

Ying:"we found nobody"

Fang:"we search in every room but we haven't found a single thing"

Commander Koko Chi:"what about you Captain?"

Captain Kaizo:"I found a secret door at the hallway"


Fang:"be quiet Gopal!"


Commander Koko Chi:"lead the way"

Captain Kaizo:*nod*

Captain Kaizo lead them to the upstairs, and they walk into a very dark hallway. And then Captain Kaizo stop, making the others confuse.

Lahap:"what's the matter captain?"

Captain Kaizo:"we're here. Here is the secret door"

Gopal:"where? I don't see anything, this place is so dark. I can only see walls and pictures"

Captain Kaizo walk towards one of the picture. He put his fingers at the bottom of the picture and "click" something is opening.

They all look Captain Kaizo in shock. Because the wall that hang the picture opened like a door. And inside of it have a high tech lift that lead to who knows where.

Lahap"should we go in Commander?"

Commander Koko Chi:"it's the only way to know what is in the inside"

They all walk into the lift and Captain Kaizo push the button. When they arrived, the door open. Revealing a very high technology laboratory.

There's a huge computer, a human size tube, robots, a high tech tablet and lots of weapons.

Fang:"what is this...?"

They're speechless. They never thought that these pass 2 years, Bora ra manage to have all of this. Then suddenly, the high tech tablet turns on and revealing an information. It's the information about Boboiboy! This shock all of them including Commander Koko Chi.

Commander Koko Chi:"h-how did he have this? Only tapops have this information"

Gopal:"what? So you're saying you have information about us?"

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