PixalXNon-Binary!Reader: Genders?

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This one-shot was requested by Vinniethepurplefox I apologize in advance if this sucks!


They groaned, fluttering open their eyes, coming face to face with emerald green eyes.

"What......what's up Pixal?" They asked groggily.

"May I ask a question?" She asked, her voice silky and robotic, an enticing whisper.

They pushed down the flush that began to crawl up their neck, nodding and pushing their body from their bed. They've always had a crush on the metallic girl, something about the way she smiled always seemed to make their day, and the way she fought was entrancing. Her personality was just like her, beautiful, pure, and kind.

"Sure thing Pix, just let me get dressed." They said, shifting to sit.

She nodded, her movements graceful as she turned towards the door.

"I will be waiting in the living room." She said kindly, slipping past the door.

They nodded and threw off the blanket, dragging their feet as they walked to their closet to change. After stripping their f/c pajamas and dressing, they moved to the bathroom, combing/brushing their h/l, h/c hair.

They pulled open their door, yawning. As Pixal had said, she was sitting patiently on the living room couch, watching them as they walked from the hallway. They stepped towards her, sitting beside her.

"So what did you need Pix?"

She shifted towards them.

"I was reading something earlier, and I became confused." She looked deep into their eyes. "Y/N....what is the difference between man and woman?"



"What is the difference between male and female?" She asked innocently.

Their face flushed red, a cold sweat breaking on their skin. Clearing their throat, they turned away.

"W-W-Well t-t-they--- I-I-I mean well....." They groaned, slapping their hands over their face.

"Your heartbeat has increased Y/N, is this an uncomfortable topic?" She asked, blinking innocently.

Again, their face flushed red and they shook their head.

"I-I-I-It's fine P-Pixal!" They cleared their throat. "W-W-Well yo-you see....w-well---. A f-female, w-w-well--"

Y/N," She placed her hand on their own. "If you feel uncomfortable, I will not force you to answer."

They shook their head.

"I-It's fi-fine Pix."

She shook her head, sighing. They cleared their throat.

"U-Um.....s-so, a f-female, w-w-well, t-t-t-they," Their face turned hot, sweat dripping from their brow. "Th-They, um....." They whimpered in defeat. "I can't do this."

Pixal patted their head with care, smiling kindly. She giggled.

"You look very cute when you stammer Y/N."

They froze.


"When you stutter you look very cute Y/N." She giggled again.

If their face wasn't red a second ago, it sure was now. They shot from their seat, placing a hand over their eyes.

"I-I'm going to train." They mumbled, speed walking towards the door, leaving Pixal confused on the couch.


The sun had set as they peek through the dojo entry, sighing softly when Sensei didn't call them out for being outside in the dark.

They tiptoed towards their room, only to jolt as Pixal's sweet voice called out from her room.

"Y/N? You're back."

She slipped from her room, closing the door behind her.

"U-Uh hey Pix." They said, scratching the back of their neck.

She took a step towards them.

"I apologize for making you uncomfortable earlier." She said.

"Y-You didn't make me uncomfortable." They mumbled, glancing away.

"Then why did you leave in such a hurry?" She asked taking another step.

They blushed harder, grumbling under their breath as Pixal took yet another step forward.

"W-W-Well, i-it w-was a little uncomfortable." They confessed, hanging their head.

She giggled, her breath tickling their skin as she leaned in closer.

"Do not feel bad Y/N, I have found something else you could show me."

They blinked, allowing their hands to bring light to the dark hallway. Like the other ninja, they had powers, the powers of light, unlike the other ninja. They blinked at the sudden change of light, adjusting their eyes to find Pixal smiling gleefully.

"W-W-What do you w-want me to t-t-teach you?" They asked, blushing as she brought her face closer and closer to their own.

Her breath tickled their skin as she exhaled, sending a shiver dancing through their skin.

"Show me what it's like to be your girlfriend."


I hope you guys like it! Pix is a little out of character but I did my best! Pls, Enjoy!

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