Chapter 83: Leave Quickly, Stop Humiliating Yourself Here

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Hence, Lu Qiyuan quickly left with Lu Qi. Han Zhuoli said to Zheng Tianming sternly, "Inform the others, from now on, no one is allowed to have an appointment with Lu Qiyuan!"


However, Lu Qiyuan still did not know that he had been black-listed by Han Zhuoli. He only felt that Han Zhuoli did not respect him and thus had humiliated him a lot.

"Dad, hey... Han Zhuoli is protecting Older Sister so much. Could it be that..." Lu Qi strongly tried to hide her jealousy.

Why was Lu Man so fortunate? She actually got into a relationship with Han Zhuoli.

"That's impossible! With her standards, how could Han Zhuoli like her? He's just playing with her. When men are playing around, they would protect the girl more or less." Lu Qiyuan said unhappily.

"But no matter what, Older Sister indeed has indeed some relationship with Han Zhuoli. Maybe, could we get Older Sister to ask Han Zhuoli to give me a role? I'm not expecting much, just a second female lead role will do. To be fair, before the incident, with my viewership ratings, I even had a fair pick of first female lead roles."

All this was ruined by Lu Man!

Clearly, Lu Qiyuan shared the same thoughts too. Hence, he immediately called Lu Man.


Meanwhile, Lu Man was already on her way to the hospital. When she saw Lu Qiyuan's call, she immediately felt exhausted.

However, if she did not pick it up, who knows what he would do?

She massaged her temples and finally picked up the phone. "Dad."

She was probably the only one who knew how unwilling she sounded.

On the other hand, Lu Qiyuan felt smug. No matter what, Lu Man was under his control and could not do anything. "Come home now, I've something to speak to you about."

Lu Man rolled her eyes. "I'm busy."

"Busy? Sure, since you're busy, I'll head down to the hospital and have a little chat with Xia Qingwei. I know you have two bodyguards there, so I'll just stand outside in the corridor and shout at her, Xia Qingwei will definitely hear me. Not only would she be able to hear me but also everyone else on that floor would hear me. If you're not afraid that everyone will find out about your scandal, then don't come home."

Lu Man's heart raced. She could bear with him hitting and scolding her, but she could not stand him using Xia Qingwei to blackmail her!

Using his first wife to threaten his own biological daughter.

How could Lu Qiyuan do this!

"I've got it. I'll head there now." Lu Man hung up the phone coldly.

Lu Qiyuan smirked. He did not believe that she could ever get out of his control!


Lu Man unwillingly told the driver to change the route and went to the Lu household.

After a while, the taxi stopped at the entrance of the Lu household. Lu Man pressed the doorbell of the Lu household's gate.

However, she did not expect Xia Qingyang to appear on the intercom.

"Lu Man? Why are you here?" When Xia Qingyang saw Lu Man's face, she was filled with anger.

When Lu Man heard it, she raised her eyebrows and asked, "My dad and Lu Qi aren't back yet?"

"No, why did you come here for?" Xia Qingyang still did not have any intention to open the door.

Seeing Xia Qingyang's attitude, Lu Man had an idea.

She purposely did not say that it was Lu Qiyuan who told her to come. "Open the door first and let me in."

Indeed, Xia Qingyang laugh sarcastically, "Do you still think you are the young mistress of this household? Leave quickly, stop humiliating yourself here."

The corner of Lu Man's mouth lifted slightly. "You'd better let me in."

"I just won't let you in and so? You've gone against my entire family and now you still think of coming back? You're dreaming!" Xia Qingyang arrogantly thought that she had figured out Lu Man's motive. "Why, after harming Qi Qi and your father, you're back here to brag and show off?"

"You really won't let me in?" Lu Man asked again.

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