Chapter 87: I'm Just a Small Fry. It'd Be Difficult to Meet Han Zhuoli

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"You sure know how to joke. Who am I to speak to Han Zhuoli like that? You aren't thinking that just because Han Zhuoli helped me once, I have some close relationship with him, right?" Lu Man snickered. "Honestly speaking, I've nothing to do with Han Zhuoli at all. I don't even talk to him. He doesn't even meet me either.

"Stop pretending! If there's nothing between you two, why would he help you at the hospital that day? Moreover, if there's nothing going on, why would he especially leave two bodyguards at the hospital?" Lu Qiyuan shouted, "Are you insulting my intelligence!"

"Haha," Lu Man laughed mockingly. Intelligence? Since when did he have that?

"Yes, I had the same thoughts as you at first. If I were indeed close to Han Zhuoli that would be amazing. With him around, would I still be afraid of you? I could have ruined the Lu family completely long ago!" Lu Man laughed lightly.

Lu Qiyuan was livid. "You unfilial thing! What good would it do to you by ruining your own family!"

"Don't get so anxious, I was only dreaming about it. However, I did go to find Han Zhuoli eagerly, but who'd know that he would tell me that he just simply couldn't stand how you were bullying others and merely lent a hand. As for anything else, he told me to stop dreaming." Although Lu Man wanted to infuriate Lu Qiyuan, she did not want him to keep harassing her just because of her relationship with Han Zhuoli.

Hence she decided that she might as well say that she was worthless in his eyes as it was the only way Lu Qiyuan would completely give up any hopes.

However, Lu Man had changed too much in this time span. Thus, Lu Qiyuan honestly could no longer tell when Lu Man was speaking the truth and when she was lying. "I don't care what method you use, just settle it for me!"

Lu Man rolled her eyes. "I can't do it. I'm just a small fry. It'd be difficult to meet Han Zhuoli, let alone talk to him."

"Aren't you working at Han Corporation? Why wouldn't you be able to meet him?" Lu Qiyuan's tone changed immediately.

"Ha," Lu Man scoffed, "Did you not find out which department I had applied for and then went bad-mouthing me to that department's head just so that they would not hire me?"

Even if Lu Qiyuan denied it, Lu Man would not believe it.

Moreover, Lu Qi was there too. So certainly they would not have done nothing as those two always refused to let anything good happen to Lu Man.

Also, whenever either one of them was around, they could not stand anything good happening to Lu Man, let alone when both of them were there.

What Lu Man had said stunned Lu Qiyuan so much that he was speechless for a while. How did Lu Man know that!

However, Lu Qiyuan would never have thought that Lu Man would know him this well. She could even figure him out using just her toe to think!

His silence right now was equivalent to admitting it.

Even if she had already expected it, rage burned within Lu Man's chest. Her eyes turned red from anger.

She clenched her teeth and pressed her lips tightly together. After much effort, she finally said, "Dad!"

"You're my dad, right! What exactly do you want? To what extent will you keep forcing me? Huh?" Even when he was begging her for help, he did not speak nicely to her, it was rather as if she was under his obligation and thus owed them!

She was indebted to many people — her mother, Mi Qiansong, Tang Zi — but she was definitely not indebted to him at all!

"I'm not asking for you to give me 1% of your love for Lu Qi nor am I asking you to remember that I'm your daughter too. I'm just asking you to stop harming me! Am I asking too much? Is it too difficult?" Lu Man was so livid that her eyes were about to burst out of the sockets.

Lu Qiyuan held back his words for a long time before he finally said, "Since when have I ever harmed you! If I had harmed you, would still be able to happily stand there and talk to me over the phone!"

"Ha, if you don't want to admit it, that's fine. Your conscience knows exactly what you've done." Lu Man was too tired to be angry anymore. Her fingers were already pale from gripping onto her phone so tightly. "I've long expected from you to not care for me as a father, but stop trying to harm me behind my back or dragging me down! On one hand, you're ruining my life, yet on the other you still want me to help you. Ha, right after you decided to bad-mouth me to my supervisor to make me lose my job, you immediately try to get me to help Lu Qi find a role? Have you ever considered that once I lose my job because of what you did, I will not have the money for my mother's medical treatment? She's your ex-wife who went through thick and thin with you for years! You wouldn't have all these achievements without her! For the sake of Lu Qi, you really want my mother to die?"

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