Chapter 89: Looking Down, Han Zhuoli Caught a Glimpse of It

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How could it be? A Chu Tian product obviously could not be cheap.

When Lu Man peeked at it, she knew with a single glimpse of the wrapping.

"Man Man is really... you take care of her so often, and she still doesn't know to tell me. I'm living in the hospital now, so it isn't convenient, but when I am discharged, you definitely must come to my house to eat," Although it sounded like Xia Qingwei was reprimanding Lu Man, she had a smile in her eyes.

However, Lu Man saw that there was also something else too in her eyes.

"Definitely," Han Zhuoli gladly nodded his head.

Taking a look at the time Han Zhuoli stood up, and it felt as if he suddenly grew a lot taller.

Standing by his side, Lu Man felt a sense of oppression.

"Auntie, I took advantage of my lunch break to come over, so I should be going back to work now. Sorry for disturbing you for such a long time, I'll come by again to see you next time," Han Zhuoli well-behaved look left a profound impression on Xia Qingwei.

"Yes, your work is more important, now hurry back. When I am discharged, you must come over to my house," Xia Qingwei was grinning from ear to ear such that her eyes were squinted. Moreover all this time her eyes had never shifted away from Han Zhuoli, "Man Man, now go send Little Han off."

After saying goodbye to Xia Qingwei, Lu Man sent Han Zhuoli out.

At the door, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui were still standing upright, "Young Master Han."

Han Zhuoli nodded, "The two of you have done well so far."

Receiving his approval, the two of them felt even more energized.

In the meantime, Lu Man followed Han Zhuoli towards the lift, "Young Master Han, why are you here today?"

"I have a friend who's injured and is also staying in this hospital. I came over to see him, and so dropped by to see Auntie." Han Zhuoli stopped in front of the lift and pressed the button, "I heard that you went for a job interview to the Han Corporation today?"

"Yes," Lu Man was a bit inattentive as she was still pondering about calling the public relations department later, after she sent off Han Zhuoli, to ask if they were still going to hire her.

"You don't have anything that you want to ask?" Han Zhuoli saw that she was not paying attention, and almost could not help himself, wanting to reach out and pull her into his embrace.

Luckily, he remembered Chu Tian's words and forced himself to put the hand that had already reached out back down by his sides.

However, Lu Man was still in her daze just then the lift door opened so Han Zhuoli lightly grabbed Lu Man's arm and entered the lift with her.

As the doors closed, he pressed the button for the first floor, "After you left, Lu Qiyuan came to the public relations department, and slandered you quite a bit."

As expected of Lu Qiyuan!

Lu Man body became stiff with anger and she tightly clenched her fists.

Even when her nails were piercing her skin, she did not feel any pain.

Compared to being framed by her own biological father, this physical pain was nothing.

Looking down, Han Zhuoli caught a glimpse of it, and gently grabbed her fists, and used his thumb to slowly rub her fists open.

After Lu Man's hand was loosened, the purple-red marks made by her nails digging into her skin were revealed.

Han Zhouli frowned slightly as his fingers touching the red marks on her palm, and he slowly rubbed against them.

Suddenly Lu Man acted as if she had been electrocuted, her hand trembled violently and she quickly pulled her hand out of his palm.

Somehow, in a moment of carelessness, she had let him hold her hand just now. Even now she could still feel the warmth of his hand, which eventually spread all the way from her palm to her heart, leaving her numb and quivering.

"I'm sorry, I was too abrupt," Han Zhuoli smiled slightly and retracted his hands that were still in the air.

Lu Man's face had an expression of shock that she could not mask, did this person suddenly have a change of heart?

The last time they had met, he had been not at all respectful, kissing and hugging her on every chance he would get. However, this time, even though it was only holding hands, he sincerely apologized with seriousness

Suddenly, Lu Man came to a shocking realization, this whole afternoon from the time they met him, he had been very well-behaved like a perfect gentleman.

"I had sent you a message last time to say it, but I still feel that formally saying it face-to-face is much better," Han Zhuoli said seriously, "I'm very sorry for my rudeness before. I'm not the kind of improper person, so I hope you can forgive me."

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